A Session with Mistress Nemesis

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Be warned, if you are thinking of approaching this wonderful Lady for a session of “tie and tease”, you are in for an incredibly intense session as I found out today.
Mistress pounced as soon as I walked through the door, pulling a re-breather hood over my head and quickly tying my hands together behind my back. She began tormenting me straight away and, of course, the more excited I became, the more the latex of the hood clung to my face making it harder and harder to breath.
After this scary opening, the hood was replaced by a gag and a scarf blindfold and I was stripped and forced onto the rack. Only two ropes were used but the hogtie was nonetheless cruelly efficient and I was carefully positioned over a handy opening so that weights could be attached to the cord tied tightly round my balls. A combination of bastinado and electric shocks to my cock ensured I made those weights dance around!
Next Mistress tied me to a hard uptight wooden chair with lots of ropes, each additional one tightening up the ones that had gone before. She completed my bondage with a pair of used panties over my face, securing them with a cleave gag to ensure that I could both taste and smell their anonymous owner.
Throughout the session I was driven to distraction by the most tantalising teasing and tormenting you can imagine. It was unbelievingly frustrating, wonderfully erotic and punishingly cruel, all at the same time. Mistress Nemesis knows her business well, approach her at your own risk.

Nurse Helga examines my toy

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Here I am with my mannequin, Helga, dressed as a fetish nurse. Doesn’t she look sexy and alluring in her shiny pvc uniform. My slaves love to be treated by her. Maid Vickie has a treat as, dressed in a red pvc gown, Helga gives him an examination. She’s inserted her tubes into some interesting places!


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A Slave’s Kidnap Adventure

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Here is an account of a kidnap adventure I created for one of my slaves.

Lying in the back of the kidnappers’ car, bound hand and foot, my eyes taped and with headphones restricting my hearing, it was a long, uncomfortable and nerve wracking journey. I had no idea where I was being taken or what was going to happen to me.

Eventually the car stopped but it was another 10 or 15 minutes before I felt someone untying my legs and helping me out. With my hands still bound and unable to see or hear I was led a short distance to a building, taken upstairs, stripped and tied to a chair. The tape was pulled from my eyes and I found myself in a small bedroom in the company of Mistress, her maid Vicky and her friend the intimidating Mistress Olga. I was to be used and abused for their pleasure and amusement.

They began with nipple clamps, a scary breath restricting hood and some wicked cbt using a powerful vibrator. Just when I was beginning to enjoy this wonderfully intense experience I was suddenly laced into a heavy discipline hood, blindfolded and hustled downstairs and outside to some sort of outbuilding where I was strapped into a body bag and left alone. Unable to hear anything but the wind and the rain, I was confused and worried. When would they be coming back? Would they be coming back? Might I be discovered by a stranger and what would happen then?

After what was probably about half an hour but seemed much longer, maid Vicky released me and took me back into the house where my torment began in earnest.

When the blindfold was removed I discovered that both Mistresses were wearing strap-ons. I was tied to the bed frame standing up with my arms and legs outstretched. First Mistress Olga kindly warmed me up with some stinging blows from her paddle and then I was enthusiastically “spit-roasted”. Next I was made to lie on the bed on my back. All three joined in tying me down before simultaneously teasing and tormenting me, driving me to distraction, taking me to the edge time after time after time. It was made very clear to me that I was not to cum and a cord was tied tightly around my balls to emphasise the fact!

The two Mistresses then turned their attention to maid Vickie who was quickly tied up and subjected to similar torment. While Vickie endured cbt from the vibrator I could only watch, desperate for my Mistresses’ attention.

Their finale was to pleasure each other while kneeling over me on the bed, the ropes holding me, especially the one around my balls, ensuring that I remained a frustrated spectator.

Eventually, after some wicked E-stim torment and more breathplay, I was released and allowed to dress. Blindfolded I was led out to the car where I was tied up as I had been before and once again left alone. Sometime later (I had lost all track of time by now) I was driven back to where I had left my car.

What a day. Something like six hours in bondage, three wicked tormentors, some cruel punishment and the most enjoyable, exhilarating and exhausting tease and denial experience I could hope for.

I can’t thank my three tormentors enough.

Slave John

My new perspex chair

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I have acquired a new perspex chair for my dungeon.

2015-07-18 010

This chair offers me some exciting opportunities for play. I can tie Miss Purr-dy onto it with some tight rope bondage. Of course, she won’t be wearing any knickers. And the chair is perfectly clear and see-through. Then I can tie a slave under the chair so he is forced to stare right up into Miss Purr-dy’s pussy. But he can only look. And if he get’s aroused at the sight of her delectable cunt, well…then he’ll find himself on the receiving end of some severe punishment.

2015-07-18 013

Oh yes, I think I’m going to have some fun with my little perspex chair!

Account of a session by Slave John

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Even though I have been visiting Mistress Nemesis for quite a long time now, I still experience the same mixture of excitement and apprehension as each session approaches. What will she be planning? Which of the Ladies will be waiting? (I should explain that Mistress has created a number of characters for our sessions, each one with her own personality from the playful to the downright scary, all of which she plays with style and enthusiasm).

Sometimes Mistress will pounce as soon as I step though the door and hustle me away to my fate, hooded and tied. On other occasions I am l left to strip and cuff, gag and hood myself, as I was today. Kneeling, listening for Mistress’s returning footsteps, knowing that I have surrendered myself in this way, is something that I find very arousing which of course means immediate punishment.

So what was my fate today? First some strict bondage including an armbinder and a cord tying my balls to my ankle restraints to prevent me standing up straight and some very wicked teasing. Next I was led (still unable to see) to a part of the dungeon we don’t often use where I found myself spread-eagled face down on the ground in some simple but very effective wrist and ankle bondage. A very vulnerable position and Mistress took full advantage using both rubber and leather floggers with enthusiasm.

Solitary confinement in total darkness in a small underground cell followed, a quite scary experience especially after Mistress took great pleasure in showing me the heavy iron bar that holds the doors closed before pushing me in.

The session ended with me chained to the rack, gagged with the panties she had been wearing, a stocking over my head and my mouth and eyes heavily taped. As I lay helpless Mistress played with my mind by describing what might happen when we next meet while tormenting my body with her new E-Stim toy.

Mistress is very adept at tormenting her slaves both mentally and physically and it is those abilities plus her wicked laugh (and ok I have to admit her sexy presence) that keeps me coming back. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be the slave of such a lovely Lady (and I use the capital letter deliberately).

Slave John

New Film Clips

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There are some newly edited clips on my film page.

There are three clips from a medical scene

Snapshot - The Medical part 1

There are two clips of a trial by fire in which I torment a slave with some tea lights in an exercise in trust between Mistress and slave.

Snapshot - Trial by Fire part 1

And a clip featuring me as a Fetish Nun with a slave under my watersports chair

Snapshot - Watersports nun

A slave’s account of a session

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2014-11-17 018

One of my slaves has written this account of a recent session with me.

Recently I have had the privilege of two contrasting ‘role play’ sessions with Mistress Nemesis.

In the first a wickedly seductive lady lured me into her lair for an afternoon of tease and denial including some of the most stringent rope bondage I have ever experiences. In the second a demanding dominatrix loaded me with chains before subjecting me to a flogging and some harsh cbt involving weights and hot wax.

Mistress entered into the spirit of both games with great inventiveness and enthusiasm. On both days I was left absolutely shattered and more that a little sore but very very contented.

If you enjoy role playing games and are seeking a Mistress with lots of toys and the imagination to make full use of them, look no further.

Slave John.

Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester

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LadySallyAutoHorse_CvrPDFLady Sally Rudston-Chichester is an Edwardian dominatrix character created by my slave, Slave Nano. Naturally, I have provided the inspiration for the character. Lady Sally features in several published short stories by my slave in which she has adventures that invariably end up with her whipping, paddling and spanking the various males she encounters into submission.

The stories are ‘Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester and the Silk Merchant of Samarkand’ in Beltane Fire, ‘Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester and the Walled Garden’ in Fifty Shades of Green, and most recently ‘Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester and the Automaton Horse’ .

You can find out more about Lady Sally’s adventures and read some extracts from the stories on my writing page.

Do you want to be my mannequin?

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I bet my slaves wish they were my mannequin doll as she gets treated far better than them.

No pain for her…only kisses!

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New gallery of Miss Purr-dy

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My submissive female assistant, Miss Purr-dy now has her own gallery.


022Let me introduce you to my beautiful female submissive, Miss Purr-dy. She’s brave and willing to do most things I want to try out on her. She likes to help in my scenes and is good at being my assistant when I’ve slaves in the dungeon as, being a submissive and able to take cruelty herself, she knows just how far to go when we are upping the pain levels.

You can go to the Mistress’ female submissive gallery here. And there are some fabulous photos of Miss Purr-dy in my out of dungeon scenes gallery too.