A Session with Mistress Nemesis

Be warned, if you are thinking of approaching this wonderful Lady for a session of “tie and tease”, you are in for an incredibly intense session as I found out today.
Mistress pounced as soon as I walked through the door, pulling a re-breather hood over my head and quickly tying my hands together behind my back. She began tormenting me straight away and, of course, the more excited I became, the more the latex of the hood clung to my face making it harder and harder to breath.
After this scary opening, the hood was replaced by a gag and a scarf blindfold and I was stripped and forced onto the rack. Only two ropes were used but the hogtie was nonetheless cruelly efficient and I was carefully positioned over a handy opening so that weights could be attached to the cord tied tightly round my balls. A combination of bastinado and electric shocks to my cock ensured I made those weights dance around!
Next Mistress tied me to a hard uptight wooden chair with lots of ropes, each additional one tightening up the ones that had gone before. She completed my bondage with a pair of used panties over my face, securing them with a cleave gag to ensure that I could both taste and smell their anonymous owner.
Throughout the session I was driven to distraction by the most tantalising teasing and tormenting you can imagine. It was unbelievingly frustrating, wonderfully erotic and punishingly cruel, all at the same time. Mistress Nemesis knows her business well, approach her at your own risk.

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