A slave’s account of a session

2014-11-17 018

One of my slaves has written this account of a recent session with me.

Recently I have had the privilege of two contrasting ‘role play’ sessions with Mistress Nemesis.

In the first a wickedly seductive lady lured me into her lair for an afternoon of tease and denial including some of the most stringent rope bondage I have ever experiences. In the second a demanding dominatrix loaded me with chains before subjecting me to a flogging and some harsh cbt involving weights and hot wax.

Mistress entered into the spirit of both games with great inventiveness and enthusiasm. On both days I was left absolutely shattered and more that a little sore but very very contented.

If you enjoy role playing games and are seeking a Mistress with lots of toys and the imagination to make full use of them, look no further.

Slave John.

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