A Slave’s Kidnap Adventure

Here is an account of a kidnap adventure I created for one of my slaves.

Lying in the back of the kidnappers’ car, bound hand and foot, my eyes taped and with headphones restricting my hearing, it was a long, uncomfortable and nerve wracking journey. I had no idea where I was being taken or what was going to happen to me.

Eventually the car stopped but it was another 10 or 15 minutes before I felt someone untying my legs and helping me out. With my hands still bound and unable to see or hear I was led a short distance to a building, taken upstairs, stripped and tied to a chair. The tape was pulled from my eyes and I found myself in a small bedroom in the company of Mistress, her maid Vicky and her friend the intimidating Mistress Olga. I was to be used and abused for their pleasure and amusement.

They began with nipple clamps, a scary breath restricting hood and some wicked cbt using a powerful vibrator. Just when I was beginning to enjoy this wonderfully intense experience I was suddenly laced into a heavy discipline hood, blindfolded and hustled downstairs and outside to some sort of outbuilding where I was strapped into a body bag and left alone. Unable to hear anything but the wind and the rain, I was confused and worried. When would they be coming back? Would they be coming back? Might I be discovered by a stranger and what would happen then?

After what was probably about half an hour but seemed much longer, maid Vicky released me and took me back into the house where my torment began in earnest.

When the blindfold was removed I discovered that both Mistresses were wearing strap-ons. I was tied to the bed frame standing up with my arms and legs outstretched. First Mistress Olga kindly warmed me up with some stinging blows from her paddle and then I was enthusiastically “spit-roasted”. Next I was made to lie on the bed on my back. All three joined in tying me down before simultaneously teasing and tormenting me, driving me to distraction, taking me to the edge time after time after time. It was made very clear to me that I was not to cum and a cord was tied tightly around my balls to emphasise the fact!

The two Mistresses then turned their attention to maid Vickie who was quickly tied up and subjected to similar torment. While Vickie endured cbt from the vibrator I could only watch, desperate for my Mistresses’ attention.

Their finale was to pleasure each other while kneeling over me on the bed, the ropes holding me, especially the one around my balls, ensuring that I remained a frustrated spectator.

Eventually, after some wicked E-stim torment and more breathplay, I was released and allowed to dress. Blindfolded I was led out to the car where I was tied up as I had been before and once again left alone. Sometime later (I had lost all track of time by now) I was driven back to where I had left my car.

What a day. Something like six hours in bondage, three wicked tormentors, some cruel punishment and the most enjoyable, exhilarating and exhausting tease and denial experience I could hope for.

I can’t thank my three tormentors enough.

Slave John

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