Account of a session by Slave John

Even though I have been visiting Mistress Nemesis for quite a long time now, I still experience the same mixture of excitement and apprehension as each session approaches. What will she be planning? Which of the Ladies will be waiting? (I should explain that Mistress has created a number of characters for our sessions, each one with her own personality from the playful to the downright scary, all of which she plays with style and enthusiasm).

Sometimes Mistress will pounce as soon as I step though the door and hustle me away to my fate, hooded and tied. On other occasions I am l left to strip and cuff, gag and hood myself, as I was today. Kneeling, listening for Mistress’s returning footsteps, knowing that I have surrendered myself in this way, is something that I find very arousing which of course means immediate punishment.

So what was my fate today? First some strict bondage including an armbinder and a cord tying my balls to my ankle restraints to prevent me standing up straight and some very wicked teasing. Next I was led (still unable to see) to a part of the dungeon we don’t often use where I found myself spread-eagled face down on the ground in some simple but very effective wrist and ankle bondage. A very vulnerable position and Mistress took full advantage using both rubber and leather floggers with enthusiasm.

Solitary confinement in total darkness in a small underground cell followed, a quite scary experience especially after Mistress took great pleasure in showing me the heavy iron bar that holds the doors closed before pushing me in.

The session ended with me chained to the rack, gagged with the panties she had been wearing, a stocking over my head and my mouth and eyes heavily taped. As I lay helpless Mistress played with my mind by describing what might happen when we next meet while tormenting my body with her new E-Stim toy.

Mistress is very adept at tormenting her slaves both mentally and physically and it is those abilities plus her wicked laugh (and ok I have to admit her sexy presence) that keeps me coming back. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be the slave of such a lovely Lady (and I use the capital letter deliberately).

Slave John

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