Kidnap Scene

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My latest blog is an account of a kidnaps scene from one of my lucky slaves, who was kidnapped and subjected to various torments in a tree house and cottage by myself, Miss Purr-dy and my maid, Vickie.

Photographs from this scene have been added to my out of dungeon gallery. You should take a look because this is a fabulous sequence of photos!

Slave John’s account

012Recently I had the pleasure of being kidnapped by Mistress Nemesis. This is my story


Naively I accepted Mistress’s invitation to accompany her to a fetish party at a secret location in the country. I even agreed to enter into the spirit of things by travelling there in the back of the car bound hand and foot, blindfolded and wearing ear defenders. When, immediately we arrived, I was left alone tied up in a locked outbuilding I was worried. But it was when Mistress reappeared, looking every inch the dominatrix in her black pvc catsuit, that I found out just how much trouble I was in. I had been tricked. There was no party. I had been kidnapped. I was to be used and abused for the amusement of Mistress and her friends.

Hooded and gagged I was led into the cottage, tied to a wooden chair and left to wonder what would happen next. Whatever I might have thought, I certainly didn’t expect to find myself, butt naked, sharing a treehouse with another bound slave, a sexy blonde wearing black pvc and fishnet stockings! Encouraged by this wicked lady, I took as much advantage of the situation as our bondage allowed (foolish behaviour for which I was made to pay later) before she was taken away by Mistress’s transvestite maid.

046 - Copy

Eventually I was moved to another part of the garden where I was made to kneel before the blonde and worship her strap-on much to the amusement of Mistress and her maid. Then I was transferred to the house where both the slave and Mistress abused me with strap-ons before subjecting me to a lengthy period of “spit roasting” in which the transvestite maid also took a full part. Finally I was bound to a bed and tormented by cbt followed by breathplay.

Mistress then turned her attention to punishing her maid. Alas I was securely blindfolded and could only guess at what was going on.

By now Mistress and her friends had tired of the game. I was bundled back into the car, driven to a railway station and left to find my own way home.

087The background story, the party invite / kidnapping, was agreed in advance. I had absolutely no warning of anything else. From the moment I was picked up I was completely in the hands of my kidnappers. I still have no idea where I was taken.

Mistress Nemesis, maid Vickie and slave Purr-dy planned it all. They treated me to a day that was full of surprises and was at times genuinely scary. My account here really only scratches the surface. It was a day to remember for which I cannot thank them enough.

Slave John


Humiliation Scene

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Here is how Mistress and Miss Purr-dy humiliated a slave the other day.

First, we gave him an enema to make sure he was clean

005 004


Then we tied him down very securely before our fingers go busy inserting implements into him.




Leeds Alternative and Burlesque Fair

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In November I took a lucky slave with me to the Leeds Alternative and Burlesque Fair to attend and serve me.


Setting off for the Fetish Fair



Mistress instructs her slave on how to behave at the event.



Mistress leads her slave around whilst she chooses gifts for Herself from her slave

015 017

Pit Scene with Slave John

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Slave John gives an account of his encounter with my pit and Helga, the mannequin doll!

Mistress was in a particularly wicked mood yesterday. Immediately I stepped through the door, I was stripped, bound, gagged and both hooded and blindfolded. After a few moments delicious teasing the mood suddenly changed and I found myself being led away in an unexpected direction.

When the hood & blindfold were removed I found myself in a part of the dungeon I didn’t recognise. At the far end was an open trap door and steps leading down into what Mistress called. the “pit of hell”. It was quite a shock to find her maid, Vicky, already down there waiting to tie me up. That done she rejoined Mistress and the trap door was closed but I was able to see them both through the grill above my head. Naked, gagged and unable to move I was more than a little scared. What had they in store for me? Were they really going to leave me there while they went shopping? No, something much more fiendish and humiliating. Mistress stood directly above me and commanded me to look up, then,without warning, subjected me to a prolonged golden shower!

Next I was released from the pit, blindfolded and led upstairs, Mistress dragging me by the stocking Vicky had tied around my balls. Once there I was forced to my knees and made to suck a strap-on. When I was eventually allowed to see I discovered I was “pleasuring” Helga the mannequin.

They hadn’t finished with me yet. More stringent rope bondage followed. First hogtied on the floor then helpless on the rack, I was subjected to further humiliating and painful punishments by both my Mistress and her maid, both of whom thoroughly enjoyed my suffering.

Eventually they tired of their tormenting and I was sent on my way, exhausted and sore.

Serving Mistress Nemesis is not for the faint hearted!


Mistress has fastened her slave in the pit




Mistress has instructed maid Vickie to go down into the pit to check that her slave is still fastened tight.


Maid Vickie is put into the cage and is left hanging over the pit to check the slave does not escape.


Afterwards the slave was taken out of the pit and tied to the bannister. He was introduced to Mistress’s mannequin, Helga.


He was forced to suck her strap-on whilst maid Vickie encourages him.


Then he was taken into the dungeon where Mistress has fun with him!


New pit in the Chapel dungeon

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The Chapel dungeon has a new play space – there is now a pit where slaves can be secured and locked away!

Here are some photographs of Mistress and Mistress Linda trying out their new toy on one of their slaves!


Pit Photos Dec 2014 001 (600x800)

Pit Photos Dec 2014 003 (800x600)

Pit Photos Dec 2014 009 (800x600)

Pit Photos Dec 2014 006 (800x600)

Pit Photos Dec 2014 013 (800x600)

Pit Photos Dec 2014 012 (600x800)

Helga: Mistress’s new plaything

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Madame Nemesis has bought a new deviant plaything for her amusement and the humiliation of her slaves.

Here she prepares and puts ‘Helga’ the Mannequin to use to humiliate Vicky, her dungeon maid. Vicky is forced into the perverted act of dungeon maid sucking Helga’s strap-on. Madame has warned Vicky that if she doesn’t perform well, she will be punished and forced to pleasure one of Madame’s male slaves.


022 024
025 013

033 015

038 039
040 041




Fetish nun controls her slave girl

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Mistress controls her slave girl Little Purr-dy using a remote control vibrator.

2014-07-12 011

You can see the remote control device inserted into the girl

2014-07-12 012

Here’s me controlling the remote device and making her squirm!

2014-07-12 013

2014-07-12 014

Slutty doll

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Madame has transformed Vicky into a slutty doll and to amuse herself has made Vicky  walk around and pose with a plastic
breath control bag tied over her head.

2014-6-16 006 2014-6-16 015


2014-6-16 017

2014-6-16 016 2014-6-16 021


2014-6-16 024 2014-6-16 029
2014-6-16 034 2014-6-16 039

New School Nurse Gallery

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I have a new School Nurse gallery on my web site.  You can see the full gallery here, but here is a taster of some of the photos.

Mistress is the School Nurse when the Chapel School has its open days.  Here I am welcoming pupils into the School Clinic.

DSCF1036 (768x1024)

As you can see the School Clinic is very well appointed and has all the equipment needed to control naughty school boys.  And of course its important to study each pupil’s case notes to find out what poor behaviour has been reported and what corrective therapy is needed.

DSCF1038 (768x1024)


This is one of the School’s naughtiest pupils.  He’s always getting into trouble and being referred to me, most frequently for getting aroused when he shouldn’t do.

DSCF1057 (1024x768)

Of course at break times it’s always nice to get together with the headmistress and other staff of the Chapel School for a chat about the punishments we can inflict on ill-behaved boys in the school.

DSCF1073 (1024x768)

Sometimes there are so many miscreants that we have to carry out group sessions of corporal punishment.  Of course the School Nurse has to be on hand to ensure the punishments are thorough or they will never learn their lesson.

DSCF1088 (1024x768)



New Slut Training Gallery

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I have a new slut training gallery on my web site.  You can see the full gallery here, but here’s a taster of some of the photos.

Nurse Sally Hardcastle prepares slutty Nurse Debbie for duties.

2014-04-18 004

This included leg and chest shaving assisted by Nurse Vickie.

2014-04-18 013

When Sister Linda came to inspect Debbie, they decided to take her into the Red Punishment Room to further her education in slut training.

2014-04-18 018

2014-04-18 028