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The Medical part 1. A slave is referred to Nurse Sally for a medical. He is put on the medical table, prepared, and subjected to treatment by pin wheel.
The Medical part 2. Slave’s treatment continues. Surgical scissors are attached to his cock and balls and electrics applied to them, and a speculum is inserted into him.
The Medical part 3. Slave’s treatment is completed as a catheter is inserted and Nurse Sally extracts fluid from him.
Trial by fire part 1. Mistress Nemesis conducts a trial of trust by fire. Her slave is spread-eagled on the floor and tea lights placed on him.
Trial by fire part 2. Mistress demands complete trust as the final tea light is placed in slave’s mouth and hot wax is dripped on his cock and balls and nipples.
Watersports nun. Fetish nun, Sister Domexia, brings her slave into her dungeon to administer some watersports from her special chair.