Mistress out of dungeon scenes

Mistress out of dungeon scenes

And now a very special fantasy

Can you imagine what it would be like to be kidnapped from the street, driven, hand-cuffed, ankle shackled and blindfolded to an unknown destination miles away…not back to my safe dark dungeon, but to a cottage in the country, where you could be held prisoner or in a shed, or staked out in a garden, chained up in a hidden tree house, or simply tied spread-eagled to a Victorian metal bed and abused by the Mistress and her transvestite maid.  Or even dressed up as a maid yourself and put to work, hobbled in chains of course…!

Here are some photos of this happening to a couple of my lucky slaves.

You can see some more photographs in an illustrated story about one of my cottage adventures here.


One of my slaves gives an account of a kidnap scene

Recently I had the pleasure of being kidnapped by Mistress Nemesis. This is my story


Naively I accepted Mistress’s invitation to accompany her to a fetish party at a secret location in the country. I even agreed to enter into the spirit of things by travelling there in the back of the car bound hand and foot, blindfolded and wearing ear defenders. When, immediately we arrived, I was left alone tied up in a locked outbuilding I was worried. But it was when Mistress reappeared, looking every inch the dominatrix in her black pvc catsuit, that I found out just how much trouble I was in. I had been tricked. There was no party. I had been kidnapped. I was to be used and abused for the amusement of Mistress and her friends.

Hooded and gagged I was led into the cottage, tied to a wooden chair and left to wonder what would happen next. Whatever I might have thought, I certainly didn’t expect to find myself, butt naked, sharing a treehouse with another bound slave, a sexy blonde wearing black pvc and fishnet stockings! Encouraged by this wicked lady, I took as much advantage of the situation as our bondage allowed (foolish behaviour for which I was made to pay later) before she was taken away by Mistress’s transvestite maid.

Eventually I was moved to another part of the garden where I was made to kneel before the blonde and worship her strap-on much to the amusement of Mistress and her maid. Then I was transferred to the house where both the slave and Mistress abused me with strap-ons before subjecting me to a lengthy period of “spit roasting” in which the transvestite maid also took a full part. Finally I was bound to a bed and tormented by cbt followed by breathplay.

Mistress then turned her attention to punishing her maid. Alas I was securely blindfolded and could only guess at what was going on.

By now Mistress and her friends had tired of the game. I was bundled back into the car, driven to a railway station and left to find my own way home.

The background story, the party invite / kidnapping, was agreed in advance. I had absolutely no warning of anything else. From the moment I was picked up I was completely in the hands of my kidnappers. I still have no idea where I was taken.

Mistress Nemesis, maid Vickie and slave Purrdy planned it all. They treated me to a day that was full of surprises and was at times genuinely scary. My account here really only scratches the surface. It was a day to remember for which I cannot thank them enough.

Slave John