School Nurse

DSCF1044 (768x1024)Mistress is the School Nurse when the Chapel School has its open days.  .

The School Clinic is very well appointed and has all the equipment needed to control naughty school boys.  And of course it’s important to study each pupil’s case notes to find out what poor behaviour has been reported and what corrective therapy is needed.

Some of the School’s naughtiest pupils are always getting into trouble and being reported to me, most frequently for getting aroused when they shouldn’t do.

Of course at break times it’s always nice to get together with the headmistress and other staff of the Chapel School for a chat about the punishments we can inflict on ill-behaved boys in the school.

Sometimes there are so many miscreants that we have to carry out group sessions of corporal punishment.  Of course the School Nurse has to be on hand to ensure the punishments are thorough or they will never learn their lesson.