Adventures in Fetishland by Slave Nano


FetishlandbookcoverAdventures in Fetishland is a full length erotic novel. It is a homage to me and the worlds I create by one of my slaves.  It is a bdsm/fetish reinvention of the Alice in Wonderland stories with me as the Fetish Red Queen and many other characters!

The following extracts were used when I appeared as The Fetish Red Queen to do readings from the book at an erotic readers and authors event.

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Story outline

In this bdsm re-invention of the Alice stories Kim’s life takes an unexpected twist when she is taken from the massage parlour she works in to a fetish fantasy world ruled over by the Red Queen, a powerful dominatrix. There, an intense psychological drama is played out between the two women as Kim enters a journey into submission. The Red Queen assumes different characters who torment Kim in a series of trials ranging from the funny and strange to the sadistic and erotic.  Kim is lured deeper into this world by hints the Red Queen knows something about her past.  Why has she been chosen to serve this powerful female?  Why is the Red Queen so interested in her?  When Kim finally finds out the truth, it is shocking and bizarre.

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The metal tips of her stiletto shoes clicked against the black and white chequer board floor tiles; each step instinctively alternating between black and white.  As she made her stately progress across the tiled floor she mused on the aptness of the symbolism that reflected the extremities of the world she inhabited: cruelty and kindness, pain and pleasure, humiliation and reward. She commanded over her domain like a chess master playing a twisted and beautifully imagined chess game in which she orchestrated proceedings and her slaves were pawns.  She stood before her gothic mirror and admired her image reflected within its black cast iron frame.  The Queen of Hearts was ready.

“How do I look Duchess?” she asked, turning to her transvestite companion and lady in waiting.

“I’m speechless, madam, really I am.  You look absolutely stunning, a true fetish red queen.”

She examined her image in the mirror carefully appraising every detail of her dress and make-up to ensure it met her exacting standards. Yes, she thought, she looked perfect.

She turned to face one of the slaves who served in her realm, his wrists and ankles secured in leather cuffs and then to metal rings fixed in the ceiling and floor.  His legs were stretched just wide enough to cause discomfort but for the soles of his feet to lie flat on the black carpeted floor.  The Red Queen laughed sadistically at his predicament.  She gestured to the Duchess who, standing behind her helpless victim, silently and secretly lifted the blindfold from his eyes permitting him to feast on her formidable and ravishing presence.

This is the part I love, she mused.  The look in their eyes when I reveal myself; that look of mesmerised devotion mixed with fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the seductive torment I know I’m capable of inflicting on them.

“So, are you ready to submit to the Queen of Hearts?” her voice whispered with more than a hint of playfulness mingled with the malice.

“Yes mistress.”

“Mistress? Do you think that’s the correct form of address for the Red Queen?”

“No your majesty.  I mean your majesty.  Of course, I mean your majesty.”

“Yes, that’s better slave.  But you know you must be a punished for addressing me so inappropriately.”


n2 (1024x793)The Fetish Hatter’s Tea Party

As Kim turned the corner, she was thrilled at what she saw.  It really was a tea party, albeit a strange one, and there actually was a Hatter, a March hare and a dormouse just like ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  In the centre of the room was one of  the Red Queen’s slaves down on all fours, a piece of clear perspex strapped to his back for a human table.

“Come here my dear,” called the Hatter beckoning Kim forward.  “Have you no manners girl?  Do you always come to tea parties with no clothes on?”

“Well, no madam, least ways not usually,” she answered taking up a deferential position.  Kim had quite forgotten she was stark naked.  “But, I have had some rather strange adventures and, well, I seem to have lost my clothes along the way.”

“That’s really most unfortunate and very careless of you.  Well, that won’t do.  You can’t have tea without any clothes.  Hare!  Go and find the girl some clothes.”

The hare produced a light blue dress made in latex and a white pinafore to go over it.  Kim was delighted; she would be like a little fetish Alice. She loved rubber, the feel of it on her skin, the tightness and the smell. She squeezed into the rubber dress.  The latex felt tight around her buttocks and breasts but that was a lovely feeling.  Kim thought she looked great and was looking forward to joining the party.

“That’s better, now come and sit over here girl,” said the Hatter pointing to a little armchair at the end of the perspex table where the slave’s head was.  “Oh, don’t worry about him, if he tries to sneak a look at your crotch he knows he’ll be severely punished. Besides, he has been told to look at the floor at all times and keep perfectly still and if he tries to ogle your sweet little fanny, my dear, I shall know.”

Kim was shocked, she was sure the Hatter in the children’s book didn’t use language like that.  Oh dear, thought Kim, this tea party could be very weird.  She cast her eye across the table; it was certainly a wonderful spread.  There were two huge round tea pots and places set with china cups and saucers and plates.  The centrepiece was a multi-tiered cast iron cake stand filled with a delicious assortment of cup- cakes.  Kim was ravenous and thirsty, just ready for afternoon tea.

“Pour yourself a cup of tea,” offered the Hatter.

Kim picked up the big round yellow tea pot and was about to pour a cup when the hare and dormouse intervened.

“No, No, my dear, you don’t want to drink from that tea pot,” shouted the hare.

“No, no,” muttered the dormouse, “definitely not that tea pot.”

“Why, what’s wrong with this tea pot?”

“The orange tea pot is for the tea.”

“And the yellow tea pot is for the wee.”

Kim looked surprised, “I’m sorry I don’t understand, do you really mean there’s wee in that tea pot?”

The Hatter replied, “Why of course, that tea pot’s for them.”

She pointed to two of the Red Queen’s slaves, one had a leather hood on his head, the other an iron cage.  They were both sat behind her forlornly.  Waiting to be fed perhaps, thought Kim?

“They are probably thirsty, would you mind doing the honours, girl?”

Kim picked up the huge round yellow tea pot with both hands and walked over to the two men.

“Should I pour them out a cup?”

“No, no, they can drink straight from the spout,”

“Yes, direct from the spout,” echoed the hare.

“Oh, definitely from the spout,” confirmed the dormouse.

The hooded slave lifted his head up and positioned it so Kim could tip the spout up and pour its contents straight into his mouth.  She did just that and a stream of golden wine came flooding out.  Oh my god, it really is pee, thought Kim.  Most of the piss poured straight into the slave’s mouth and he guzzled it down eagerly, but some splashed onto his body and quite a bit spilt onto the floor.  The tea pot was soon empty.

“He can’t waste any; make him drink what he’s spilt off the floor.”

“Go on, drink it,” said Kim tentatively at first and then more firmly, “come on drink it up.”

“That’s no good; he’s got to obey you.  Kick him in the balls.”

Kim did exactly that with her shiny leather shoes.  The hooded man howled in pain but soon got his head down onto the floor and started lapping the golden waters up.

“Give the rest to the other one.”

“I’m sorry but the tea pot’s empty now.”

“Well, there’s nothing for it, you’ll just have to fill it yourself.”

“Sorry, you mean you want me to pee in the tea pot?”

“Well yes, of course.”

“Yes, you heard the Hatter. You must piss in the tea pot.”

“Yes, piss in the tea pot.”

It was true, Kim was desperate to go.  She put the yellow tea pot on the floor, took the lid off, crouched over it, hitched up her latex dress and let release a stream of hot piss into the tea pot.  It was quite a relief to empty her bladder.

“Now bring the tea pot back here, put it on the table and let it brew for a bit.  Would you like a cup cake, my dear?” the Hatter asked, her mouth spreading into a broad grin as she held the cake stand in front of Kim.

“Don’t mind if I do,” replied Kim reaching out to take a yellow iced bun with a cherry on top.

“Don’t you mean, ‘do mind if I don’t’.”

“Well, I suppose so,”

“Or rather, don’t you mean, you suppose not.”

Kim’s head was in a whirl.  “Whatever you say,” she said, taking a huge bite out of the bun.

Kim tucked in to the delicious home-baked food and poured herself a cup of tea, from the orange tea pot of course.

“Do you think we ought to feed them Hatter?” said the hare pointing to the slaves.

“Yes, let’s give them a treat.”

The Hatter took up the trifle bowl, “hare you bring the tea pot; dormouse you fetch the jelly bowl; girl, you get some cup-cakes – strawberry and chocolate, I think.”

What a sight we must look, thought Kim, as the procession of them got up from the table and marched across to the two slaves.

“Drop the cup-cakes onto the floor. Now, hitch your dress up and sit on them.  Make sure you sit on them with your bare arse, my dear.”

Kim laughed her head off. She was quite entering into the spirit of this. She ceremoniously held the two cup-cakes in her hand and let them drop to the floor.  She hitched up her latex skirt so her lovely round arse was exposed.  As an additional flourish she put her back-side right in front of their faces and wriggled her bum at them.  Then she lowered herself down and sat right on top of the two cup-cakes, one cheek of her bum on the strawberry one, the other on the chocolate one.  Kim pressed her bottom into the mixture of butter icing and cake positively relishing in the squishy texture and the sweet smell before working the sticky mess into the crack in her arse.  She bent over and stuck her bum out into the faces of the crouching slaves.

“Now, lick every crumb off of my arse, and make sure you get your tongues right up the crack.”

The Hatter, hare and dormouse were in hysterics.

“You were right Hatter. You told me the girl would be perfect for Nemesisland.”

“Don’t get carried away just yet hare, she’s still a lot to learn.  But, yes, this is wonderful, I’m really enjoying this.”.

The two men set about their task enthusiastically, a bit too enthusiastically thought Kim.  They eagerly ran their tongue across her back-side licking up the mess of squashed cake and butter cream icing.  Kim felt the texture of their tongues as they went all over her arse and worked their way up into her crack.  God, thought Kim, this was so erotic.  She felt herself getting wetter and wetter.  She was almost disappointed when every morsel had been licked off her and her fleshy bottom had been cleaned.

“Excellent, but I think the slaves got too much pleasure out of that,” said the Hatter.

“I think the girl got too much pleasure out of that,” added the hare.


nan3 (709x1024)The Purple Caterpillar

The Red Queen waited in silent contemplation for the arrival of Kim.

I want this girl for my slave girl, she reflected. And yet she still has a lot to learn before she can truly submit.  She must be made to face her innermost darkest desires and admit to them.  I desire her though.  Oh yes, I want her in my world and I will have her. I have to push her boundaries further and further without losing her until she submits to me knowingly and willingly.  Oh yes, it’s a challenge, but I know I’ll win her over in the end and I’ll enjoy every moment of the journey

The Red Queen was lost in her reverie when she heard Kim emerging from the corridor.  The dim light of the passage way reflected off the shiny purple pvc cat-suit The Red Queen was now wearing.  At her penetrating gaze Kim’s heart jumped a beat and the yearning desire to give herself up to her she had on their first meeting washed over her in luxuriant waves of submissive feeling. Bizarrely, the purple figure sat on a chair shaped and coloured like a toadstool.  Suddenly Kim realised and she couldn’t help but blurt out.

“A purple caterpillar!”

“Yes girl, that’s right, the purple caterpillar.  Come and sit down here at my feet.”

Kim did as she was told.  The purple caterpillar adjusted her choker, looked down kindly at Kim and gently stroked her hair with her purple gloves.  Kim got a warm tingly feeling from this attention like a cat curled in in its owners lap.  She bent down and whispered slowly and firmly in Kim’s ear.

“So, tell me girl, who…..are….you?”

Kim was taken aback at the directness of the question.  She recalled the scene in Alice in Wonderland, the caterpillar sat on the mushroom smoking on a hookah pipe interrogating a bewildered Alice.

“I don’t know, or at least I thought I knew this morning but then so many things have happened to me since. Then I got whisked away here and I don’t know who I am or where I am.  I don’t even know if this is real or if it’s a dream.  And people keep hinting things about my past. And yet, somehow, in some strange kind of way I feel right here.”

The purple caterpillar’s eyes flashed and her dark eyebrows raised quizzically.

“You feel you belong here, don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes, oddly enough I do.”

“And how have you found Nemesisland?”

“What can I say? Strange, bizarre!  Sometimes I feel put upon as though I’m being treated cruelly, other times I’ve had great fun. Really, I don’t know what to make of it.  But, it’s kind of you to ask.”

The purple caterpillar was now stroking Kim’s breasts. The feel of the shiny material on her bare flesh was sensuous and all the sensations of the physical attention lured Kim into a warm glow and yes, she really did feel she belonged.  But, at those last few words she detected a change in mood.  The purple caterpillar spoke, her voice now firmer.

“But you see Kim, here’s the thing, I’m not asking you to be kind. Don’t you see, sometimes you need to be treated cruelly to understand, that is part of my world.  It will not always be fun for you here Kim.  You still have a lot to learn before you truly belong.  But, if that’s what you feel, if that’s where you want to be, then Kim that’s up to you to let me take you there.”

Kim looked into her eyes mesmerised by her haunting tones and listened to her tantalisingly portentous words.

“I don’t keep anybody here against their will.  Whatever happens, wherever you are taken in my domain, however hard you are pushed, you must desire it for yourself Kim.  As you proceed on your journey through Nemesisland it will not be easy, it will get harder and darker for you Kim when you enter the chambers upstairs beyond the iron gate. Do you want to go there Kim?  Do you really want that?”

Kim’s heart was throbbing with a mixture of fear, anticipation and desire. Despite the thinly veiled threats of the dark challenges that await her in some inexplicable way she trusted the dominant figure before her.  The pause and the silence was electrifying as the two figures, one curled submissively on the floor and the other, a fetish fantasy vision in purple, towering over her, played out a tense psychological drama. Kim knew she faced a moment of choice.  There was only one answer she could give. er

Her voice was breathless but emphatic.

“Yes. Yes, I want to follow you.  Take me into the rest of your realm.”

The purple caterpillar smiled contentedly and nodded. She realised it was a tense moment and she felt a surge of relief when she heard Kim make the decision she wanted to hear.  She is mine and I want her back, she thought. .

“Get onto your knees before me girl,” she ordered.

The purple caterpillar nestled a flogger in her hands. The spade shaped patch of leather at its end was offered to Kim and she kissed it.  The commands were wordless because no words were needed.  Kim knew what was going to happen next but had no desire for her to stop. The black leather flogger was run gently across Kim’s cheek, over her shoulders and across her tits now throbbing with desire and need.  The smell and the touch of the leather and the sense of anticipation were overpowering.  Do it, thought Kim.  Please, strike me. She wanted it, she needed it, more than anything else she had desired in her life.

Finally, after an agonising wait, the flogger whipped down onto her breasts.  Kim gasped and moaned.  It was painful, of course it was painful, but it was like no other pain she had experienced before. It was mingled with a surge of erotic pleasure that crashed through her brain right down to her cunt, each stroke like a tsunami of sensation and emotion.

The purple caterpillar took up a position behind Kim and with a firm hand on the nape of her neck pushed her down so that she was on all fours.  She knelt over Kim, strands of her fragrant black hair caressing her back. She nestled her back side onto the small of Kim’s back as if she was being ridden like a horse.

“Do you want it Kim?”

“Yes,” Kim gasped.

“Do you really want it?”

“Yes, please, yes,” Kim pleaded.

The flogger snapped smartly on her arse.  She felt the soft rosy flesh redden and glow with every sweeping hard stroke.  She walked the tightrope between pleasure and pain, one moment teetering over the edge towards one and the next being pulled back to the other.  It was exotic and exciting and all Kim could do was surrender to it.  She gasped and moaned but made no pleas for the strokes to stop.  The purple figure leant over her and planted one gentle kiss with her red painted lips onto Kim’s cheek.  Kim expelled a short gasp at the tenderness and kindness of that moment following, as it did, the savage beating her sore arse had just endured.  The figure lifted itself off Kim’s body, hot and sweating from the strain of supporting its weight and the pain of the punishment that had been inflicted. Kim was brought to her feet again.

“Are you ready to go beyond the gate?”

Kim’s head was spinning; it was an effort to get anything past her lips.

“Mmmm,” was all she could utter.

“Then come with me.”

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The Black Butterfly

The mistress led the way back to the dungeon with Duchess following her. Kim heard the click of heels on the stone floor and instinctively looked up even though she could see nothing through her blindfold.  She felt the brush of light material against her skin, the presence of a body close to her and the smell of exotic scent.

Then she heard the noise.  She heard a buzzing noise.  The buzzing of electricity.  It was unmistakable.  Kim was scared now.  What was going to happen to her?

She felt the first shock as something brushed against her thigh with the touch of a hundred tiny pin pricks as the current buzzed through her.  She let out a scream of shock and surprise, which only came out as a muffled grunt as she bit down onto the  rubber ball gag.  The device buzzed again as it touched her other thigh and Kim’s whole body bucked and strained against the leather straps. She heard a squeal of sadistic laughter.

“Poor Kim, does it tingle a little bit?” the voice taunted her.  “Duchess, I think we’ll have the blindfold off now so the girl can join in the fun.”

Kim felt the blindfold being pulled up from over her eyes.  Directly in her face was the instrument of her torment and the figure wielding it, the purple caterpillar transformed into a butterfly with wings of black lace, a twisted smile of pleasure and a sadistic glean in her eye.  Kim recognised the object immediately; it was a violet wand and the strands that carried its current were waving threateningly in front of her.

“See how she squirms Duchess.  Shall we make her dance again?”

The prongs of the electric rod brushed against one of Kim’s tits.  There was a crackle and a blue spark that lit up the dungeon gloom as the tool inflicted its mischievous torment.  Kim spluttered and gasped into the ball gag as her breasts jerked and wobbled in reaction to the tingling pain that shot through her.

“The sparks look wonderful madam, just like firework night.”

“Yes Duchess, brilliant, and now all we need is a bonfire.  Perhaps we could light a fire underneath you and as we watch the flames flicker up we can have a display of purple sparks.”

“Nnngg,” muttered Kim.  Surely she wasn’t serious?

“Oh yes, yes, I think I’ll light a little bonfire underneath you and you can light up my dungeon Kim.”

Kim’s pupils widened in terror.  Oh my god, she thought, I think she really is serious.

The black butterfly turned away and gathered up a gothic candlestick mounted with two thick candles.  She placed it at the base of the wooden frame Kim was strapped to and lit the wicks.  Kim could strain her head far enough to see the candelabra between her legs and the wicks flicker with a bright yellow flame.  Shit, thought Kim, she meant it; she has turned me into a bonfire.  At first Kim felt nothing but soon, as the flames flared and built up their strength and as the heat rose she could feel the waves of hot air waft up her thigh, onto her cunt lips and up her back-side.

“It’s bonfire night Duchess, now let’s have some more fireworks.”

There was a crackle and more purple sparks and Kim’s nakedness pulled against her restraints.  Sadistic laughter rang out across the dungeon.

“She looks fantastic madam.”

“Yes she does, doesn’t she Duchess, move that mirror around so she can see herself reflected in it.”

The Duchess dragged a full length mirror directly opposite Kim and then the black butterfly and her assistant took up a position either side of her.  Kim looked across.  Wow.  I’ve got to say I look amazing, thought Kim.  She could see herself clearly in the candle-lit gloom spread-eagled against the wall, a pattern of black leather straps across her pale skin and then between her legs the gothic iron candlestick.  The inside of her legs and her crotch glowed red from the flames of the candles.  Then, on either side of her were the butterfly, a vision of puffs of black lace and shiny pvc that reflected in the candlelight. On the other side of her was the black butterfly’s transvestite assistant, equally stunning and sinister in her kinky black tights, white pvc basque and painted white face mask.

“Do you see yourself girl, do you she how wonderful you look? My own little bonfire night display, lit up for my entertainment.”

“Mmmm,” Kim nodded.

She admired her glowing shape in the mirror. It was true, she looked fantastic.  And Kim could see the funny side, spread-eagled with a red rubber ball in her mouth, her body squirming in pain in response to the purple flecks of the violet wand.

“That was fun, I enjoyed that girl,” she chuckled after removing Kim’s gag.  “You make a good firework display.”

“Thank you, I got to quite enjoy it in the end.”

”Enjoy it? But it’s irrelevant if you enjoy it, you’re here for my pleasure and amusement.”

“Yes, of course, I know.”

“And I certainly found that entertaining.  And besides this is only the beginning.”

“There’s more?”

“Oh yes, that was only a little introduction to my dungeon world.  I’ve much more planned for you yet Kim.  You still have to prove yourself fit to serve me.”