Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester

Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester is an Edwardian dominatrix character created by my slave, Slave Nano. Naturally, I have provided the inspiration for the character. Lady Sally features in several published short stories by my slave in which she has adventures that invariably end up with her whipping, paddling and spanking the various males she encounters into submission.

There is more information about the stories and extracts from them below. If you click on the image it will take you to Slave Nano’s web site and buy links.


LadySallyAutoHorse_CvrPDFLady Sally Rudston-Chichester and the Automaton Horse (Forbidden Fiction, 2015)

Edwardian gentlewoman and strict dominatrix, Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester, is angry when her horse is beaten by Lord Melchiot’s at York Races. Believing he’s cheated, and that he treats his horses cruelly, she plots an appropriated revenge on him, centred on a brass automaton horse built to provide Lady Sally with unique opportunities for some exquisite punishment.

Victoria led the way, opening the teak doors and gesturing them into Lady Sally’s grand trophy room. Dominating the room was the life size automaton horse, fashioned from gleaming brass. The magnificent mechanical device ought to have been the main focus of Lord Melchiot’s attention but Lady Sally’s alert gaze followed his reactions as he surveyed the contents of the room. Yes, he could not fail to register the marvellous automaton but his eyes soon shifted to take in his surroundings.

Where would they alight? Would it be on Lady Sally’s trophy cabinets with their lines of sliver cups and bowls acquired from race meets at York, Doncaster, Epsom, Goodwood, and other race courses across the country? Did his look betray envy at the evidence of her equine triumphs? Would his eyes fall on the portraits of the Rudston-Chichester stallions that filled the longest wall in the room? In particular to the huge canvas by the renowned artist George Stubbs of Nemesis I, the magnificent black stallion who sired generations of race horses for the family’s stables, each horse blacker and sleeker than the other.

No, they didn’t. They fell on Lady’s Sally’s collection of antique riding crops. She smiled. How interesting that he would be drawn to these objects above all others.

“Lord Melchiot, I see you are intrigued by my collection of crops and whips. It is indeed a magnificent assemblage, is it not?” Lady Sally said, gesturing with a sweep of her arm at the implements hanging on the wall in neat rows.

“It’s taken me years to build it up. There are some choice examples of the art of saddlery here. Every item is hand-made by skilled craftsmen and many are antiques of considerable value. You see this crop here,” said Lady Sally taking one down from its mount on the wall and slicing it through the air. “This was the riding crop of the Duke of Wellington, used at the battle of Waterloo, no less. I have my favourites of course.”

She showed Lord Melchiot a whip with the head of Nefertiti carved in ebony and another with its handle moulded into the shape of a horse’s head and a third with a serpent in Celtic design made from the purest silver.

“They are beautiful objects, Lady Sally, I’m most impressed.”

“Yes, I can see how intrigued you are by my collection. And it’s not just the design and craftsmanship of the handles I admire. I feel there’s as much artistry in the canes and straps. You see, each crop and whip is different; each has its own personality, and when I use them I feel the character of every crop. Each one has a different width and flexibility and will deliver its own quality of sting, don’t you agree?”

“Why, yes Lady Sally, I’m an aficionado of the riding crop. I believe that, used mercilessly by a jockey, it will drive a steed on to exceptional bursts of speed, as I believe you witnessed to your cost at the Ebor Races the other day,” Lord Melchiot boasted as he stroked his ginger moustache.

“Ah, yes,” replied Lady Sally, “that was indeed an impressive sprint to the finish line by your horse. And Nemesis is one of my finest stallions, one in a long line of pedigree race horses. It would take something exceptional to overcome him. But, ‘tis no matter, as I’ve said, I’m not an ungracious loser, Lord Melchiot. However, I do divert from you on this point, your Lordship. You see, I’ve never used any of these crops on a horse. I only ever use my whips to administer punishment to men.”


Fifty Shades of GreenLady Sally Rudston-Chichester and the Walled Garden in Fifty Shades of Green (Greenwoman Publishing, 2014)

Landscape gardener Jack Buckingham is concerned about his new commission.  Invited by Edwardian gentlewoman and self-styled dominatrix, Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester, to design her walled garden he is alarmed about what her intent is for it.  But, as the work progresses and the poisonous and prickly flora are planted, will Jack succumb to her charms and submit to the formidable Lady Sally?

“Bend over Mr Buckingham,” she commanded.Jack’s heart raced.
What had he given himself up to?  He obediently bent over and heard Lady Sally walk in the direction of the vegetable patch.
“Hmm,” she contemplated, “the courgette or the carrot?  Have you ever had anything inserted in your back-side before Mr Buckingham?”
He gulped, “No Lady Sally.”
“Well, in that case I’ll go with the carrot.”
He heard her wash the vegetable in the water butt and was soon conscious of her presence behind him.
“Now, keep that position Mr Buckingham.”
He felt something ease into his back passage but it was only a gloved finger to prepare him for something more strenuous.  Then he felt something hard press into him.  He expelled a gasp as the vegetable was first eased and then pushed into his back passage. The carrot pressed against the sensitive nerves in his back-side, which only served to generate a strangely satisfying sensation.
“That’s excellent Mr Buckingham.  The carrot is nearly full in but I’ve left the greenery on the end sticking out.  Yes, that’s a most agreeable visual effect,” she said admiring the tuft of green plant sticking out of his rear. 

SamarkandLady Sally Rudston-Chichester and the Silk Merchant of Samarkand in Beltane Fire (Xcite Books, 2012)

Edwardian dominatrix Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester is on an expedition.  Finding an account in the travel journal of  her ancestor she reads of a marvelous weave of silk that works like a kind of ancient day viagra.  Intrigued by the possibilities of such a tool both for tormenting her submissive slaves and for her own erotic pleasure she takes her transvestite maid and one of her slaves to the exotic silk-route city of Samarkand to meet the silk merchant, Salah el-din-Mousawi.  Will the properties of the amazing silk be as potent as the silk merchant claims?  Lady Sally is about to find out.

Saleh led the way, carrying a candle lantern, through a portico, built in blue and white majolica and decorated in Arabic script, into one of the mausoleums.  The visitors gasped in wonder as they looked up at the ceiling covered in tiles glazed with gold leaf.  Lady Sally’s attention was soon drawn to the rings mounted in the wall and in no time had her maid secure her submissive slave so that he was spread-eagled against the glazed wall with silk ropes.

“Perfect, now the fun can begin,” exclaimed Lady Sally, her eyes glinting with wicked anticipation.

Saleh held out a sandalwood box and invited Lady Sally to select one of the pieces of silk.  Inside were silks of iridescent colours that glistened in the candlelight like moonlight reflected on water.  She chose a piece of indigo material.  The silk was gossamer light and impossibly sensuous to touch.

Lady Sally intended her experiment to be a trial of torment for her slave but as soon as she gathered the smooth shiny silk into her hand she was overwhelmed with a surge of sexual feeling that sent a tingle right down to her sex.  The merest touch had caused her cunt juices to flow and the feeling was so overpowering she had to steady herself against the tomb in the centre of the mausoleum.  She caught Saleh’s eye as he observed her response.  She was here to torment her chastity slave not to get fucked by the dark exotic silk merchant and yet, thought Lady Sally, why not?  She pulled herself together.

Standing before her restrained submissive companion she whispered in his ear.

“You know you’ve pledged yourself to chastity.  You know you’re not allowed an erection in my presence and how severely you are punished when you lapse?”

“Yes, mistress,” he replied, his breathing deep and his heart racing.

“Well, this little trial will be a test of your dedication to me.  You’ve heard us speak of the properties of this silk, let’s see whether or not you can resist them.”

Lady Sally ran the indigo silk across his cheek, over his shoulder and across his chest with the gentlest of touches.  The slave gasped in ecstasy.  Already, Lady Sally noticed, his cock had swollen without even receiving any attention.

“Oh dear,” she said, taking his engorged cock between her painted fingernails and squeezing, “it seems you’ve already failed the test slave.”

“Sorry mistress.”

“Oh, you will be slave, I can promise you that.”

She brushed the silk against the tip of his cock.  He expelled a euphoric groan.  She rubbed it across the shaft and his whole body bucked against his restraints.  She wrapped it around his throbbing member and pulled it back and forth and he begged for release.  Lady Sally stopped before he shot his load, which she could tell was imminent.  She wanted to keep him in suspense.

Victoria handed Lady Sally a small flogger.  She used the leather flails to whip the iron hardness with fierce strokes, exuding pleasure in the pain she could inflict. The cock showed no sign of wilting even under the duress of such severe punishment.

She turned to the silk merchant, “This is most remarkable.  I would usually expect to calm an over-excited slave’s ardour with such torture.”