Madame’s Day Out by Mistress Nemesis

Madame's Day Out

It was April and quite chilly, but the sun was bright and the sky blue with small white clouds, when Madame decided to go for a day out.  As much as she enjoyed her dark dungeon world it would be a shame to not enjoy this lovely spring day.  So, Madame, not being a selfish lady, thought it would be amusing to share the treat with some of her slaves!

When Vicky got the phone-call she was very surprised.  She thought Madame must be telepathic.  Either that or one of those bloody spy slaves of hers were on the look-out again because Vicky at that moment had just been choosing between the clear pvc cloak or the shiny shorter coat to go over her flared skirt and new basque top.  She had been ordered to war them by Madame Natasha and now here was Madame Nemesis ringing her and ordering her to get a van and drive to her dungeon as she wanted to go on a fun day out.

“Yes Vicky,” she’d said, “it does have to be a van not your car.”

“Very well Madame,” Vicky had replied, daring not to disobey.

She knew very well how Madame would punish her toy if she didn’t do as Madame bid.  Besides, it sounded very mysterious and Vicky wanted to be there.  She loved sharing adventures with Madame but sometimes she was tempted back into her old ways when those two ‘bitches’ as Madame called them, came for her.  Vicky looked at the clock.  God, Mistress Miranda would be coming to pick her up in fifteen minutes to take her to work in that new female slave brothel they had just opened.  She had to get out quick.


Madame was feeling very pleased.  She had made all her phone calls and now she had an hour to get ready.  Yes, it was going to be a lovely day!

Madame walked into her dressing room.  She sat in front of her gold-framed ‘film-star leading lady’ mirror and carefully finished painting her face.  Black lines encircled her eyes and went up in flicks at the corner.  Gold eye shadow, turquoise crease lines to follow the black, next brilliant scarlet lipstick was applied, then Madame carefully drew a black line along her lip line.  She practised her Mistress faces in the mirror, the laughter.  “A face to crucify a thousand slaves”, one of he slaves had told her when she had very viciously slapped his face and pinched his ear lobe until the blood ran over her thumb nail.  He had re-phrased it as “a face to enslave a thousand men”.  Yes, all in all, it was marvellous being a dominatrix!

What to wear, m-mmm?  Long or short, thigh-boots or ankle, skirt and top or dress?  She felt the smoothness of the pvc as she chose.  As Madame descended the stairs when the doorbell rang she knew she looked fabulous.  The short black pvc dress with clasps clung to her and the long pin-striped coat with the Gothic sleeves and clasps down the front slithered and rustled as she walked.  The studded and strapped ankle boots clicked down the hallway purposefully on their four inch heels.  Pulling her gloves on as she went, she smiled as she thought of all the fun she was going to have that day.

“Come in slave,” Madame invited. “Go to the dungeon, remove all your clothes and wait for me,” she ordered.

As she heard his foot steps going up the stairs, the doorbell rang again.

“Ah, Nano.  Welcome, today you have been invited to share a picnic with me.  Have you brought the hamper?”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Very well, upstairs and undress.”

Opening the door once more, Madame held out her hands.

“Oh, I’m so glad you could come.  We are going to have a very amusing day out and you are going to be good and obey me in all things as a good slave should.”

The slave whispered, “Yes Mistress.”

“Right into that room there then, take off your clothes and put on the things you’ll find on the bed.”


When Vicky arrived and was greeted by Madame she wondered if the guilt she felt showed on her face, or if indeed Madame knew about her other plans for today and had tricked her into coming here so she could inflict some dreadful punishment on her such was the gleam of mystery in her eyes and her guarded smile.  But Madame looked so magnificent today in her new tight pin-striped pvc coat that the naughty feeling started in Vicky’s knickers and suddenly she knew that whatever Madame had in store for her today she would endure it and know she deserved it.  But no, it really was a day out as Madame had said.

“Right Vicky, take this hamper and set up this folding cage in the back of your van, also the Perspex table top and my Goddess chair.  Then back the van up tight to the door while I fetch the cargo!”

Madame disappeared and Vicky could hardly control herself now.  Oh no, if Madame saw this she might just change her mind and fasten Vicky up in the dungeon while she went off to enjoy the day with the others.  Vicky tried hard to behave and felt the suspension in the back moving as Madame secured the load.  Vicky had been ordered not to look.  She heard the cage door being padlocked, she heard ankle and wrist manacles being padlocked together on the other side of the van.  She heard a chain being dragged through one of the upright bars that lined the sides of the van and the snap as it was fastened to a head cage.  Other sounds of bondage, Madame certainly didn’t intend any of her slaves to get up to mischief on the way.  Madame sat next to Vicky, her perfume strong and sensual, ‘Opium’.  Oh God not now thought Vicky if Madame looks down, but she was busy reading a map.

“Right Vicky, left up the road, onto the M1 south and away we go on our slave adventure day.”

“Yes Madame, are you happy?”

“Oh very, Vicky.  We are going to have a good time and so are all my slaves.”

The slaves in the back were quiet, were they all gagged Vicky wondered?  She also wondered who they were.

“See here, past Wakefield, then Barnsley, just past the last turn off for Sheffield is where we want to be.  Put your foot down Vicky.  I’m impatient to play!”


As the engine shut down, the total quiet of the clearing surrounded the van.

Yes, thought Madame, slave Phil had been so right when he told me about this places, it’s perfect for the purpose.

“Now Vicky, while you get changed here in the cab into your maids outfit I’m going to unload the merchandise,” Madame laughed.

She was amused by her plan, her slaves were going to provide her with lots of entertainment today.  She carried her equipment bag as she hobbled to the back doors, red pvc with ‘Mistress’ written in black, it contained T.E.N.S, keys, plugs, pegs, clamps and other necessities.  Just as the bags of everyday women contain essentials such as make-up, tweezers, phones, purses etc, so Madame’s bag contained her essentials too, only much more meaningful!

The doors were unlocked, the padlocks and cage were unlocked, the slaves ordered to unload all the things from the van then kneel while their Mistress got them ready for play.

When Vicky came round the van and saw the tableau in front of her she thought she had wandered into fetish heaven.  There stood Madame, tall and proud, the long tight coat shimmering in the sun, her gloved hand holding a long black riding whip.  In front of her to each side knelt a male slave, on all fours, with collars round their necks and manacles with chains at their ankles and wrists fastened so they could only just crawl.  Their chains from their collars were held up in the air by a girl stood about six or seven feet away from Madame, directly in front of her.

The girl was dressed in a very short white pvc dress, it had a very flared skirt, a tight top with puff sleeves and had black polka dots all over it.  It was such a bright shiny white that Vicky knew it was a new one and she wanted to stroke its shiny smoothness.  The girl’s ankles and wrists had flared pvc little ruffs also white pvc, while her feet were strapped up the ankles into hoof-boots.  Hoofs, thought Vicky, Madame has a new toy, a pony-grrl to amuse her.  Vicky looked at the black shiny harness that fitted over the girl’s head with a silver hbit in her mouth, then up she looked to the long white plumes on the top and the black pvc belt round her waist that had a silver chain, the end of which was held in Madame’s hand.  The girl looked at Vicky and her eyes smiled hello as she blinked her false eyelashes

Just then Madame broke the spell that Vicky had fallen under.  Madame’s laughter rang around the clearing in the secluded wood they had come to.

“Yes Vicky, I think we can all see that you are pleased to see my new pony-girl toy, but if your skirt doesn’t lie a bit flatter, I am going to punish you for being impertinent, now behave!”

Vicky hung her head, “Yes Madame,” she whispered.

The two slaves sniggered.  Madame’s pony whip flashed out on their naked behinds.

“Quiet,” she ordered.  “Now march, all three of you, and Vicky, you follow me.”

After a few steps Madame stopped and pulled on the slaves’ chains to halt them.

“I should like to ride around my new kingdom to explore it and decide where to enjoy my picnic and entertainment.  Vicky, down on all fours if you please.”

And so they set off again, circling the clearing, all the while the video camera Madame had set up next to the van recording their progress.  And what a fantastic procession it looked, the two creeping slaves, their metal manacles and chains clinking, their little grunts as Madame’s whip flicked them, their drawing of breath when they knelt on some sharp twig or stone.  Then the pony-girl, head held up by the bridle in Madame’s hand, pranced and waved her hips about from side to side in a provocative manner, her little white shiny skirt swaying, followed by Vicky on hands and knees with her short black pvc shirt showing her knickers at the back, her bustle stuck up, making her bottom stick out and her long black hair almost brushing the grass.  Madame held onto the chain from Vicky’s collar as she rode on her back enjoying the pageant, imagining she was a medieval queen, and these were her servants.


After the procession to claim possession of her new kingdom Madame wanted to have fun.

Vicky was ordered to screw eye bolts into a big tree trunk and fasten a slave spread-eagled upright with his manacle fastened to the eyebolts and the chains pulled around the trunk he was very secure indeed.  Madame then put a chastity device on his penis while Vicky fitted his collar to a big ring bolt screwed higher up the tree.  Under his feet metal plates were screwed in for him to be supported “so he could stay there indefinitely”.

Madame laughed at his predicament as she made the pony-girl march up and down in front of him, every time she passed she was told to stroke his chastity device or show her knickers or torment him in any other way.  Now, the girl was a very knowing girl, she was wise in the ways of men so her marching became more of a prancing dance, her black boots and hoofs sprang over the grass and tree roots.  She bent over and made her head-plume stroke his bound up genitals, she swayed up and down with her back to him, he white pvc polka dot skirt lifted to show her black net petticoat with white lace edging.  Her white pvc knickers and fishnet stocking tops flashed as she moved about and the slave groaned in agony as the chastity device bit deeper into his flesh.

Madame clapped her hands in delight, she laughed at his writhing and squirming and ordered Nano to bring her a cold drink from the van, as tormenting slaves was such thirsty work!

“Time for the feast,” called Madame. “Nano fetch the table, Vicky please set up the table for me and when you have done that come her to me.”

Madame sat on her gothic chair and enjoyed the scene.  She took the harness from the girl’s mouth and told her to go and drink a bottle-full of water as she had a use for her waste.  Madame was happy except for one thing. Uh Oh!


With Nano strapped as a serving table, his wrists and ankles tethered to the earth, a collar was fitted with a chain leading to an iron stake in the ground as well.  The chain from his collar was attached to his nipple clamps and his balls.  He was so shackled he couldn’t shake the table, even if he tried!  Next a vibrating butt plug was fitted by Vicky at Madame’s orders and also vibrating nipple clamps onto the tree slave!

“Now Vicky,” called Madame from her chair.

The girl was kneeling in the grass now with her head on Madame’s thighs.  Madame had her coat undone and she was stroking the girl’s long curly blonde hair.  Vicky was sure the girl would be breathing Madame’s odours as her face was down between Madame’s stocking tops.  Her studded ankle boots were resting gently on her pony-girl’s back and as Vicky walked towards Madame’s chair she could see the hoof-boots of the toy peeping out from under the black net petticoat and white polka dotted skirt.

Oh God! Oh God! thought Vicky, I don’t think I can stand all this for much longer.  Madame is just teasing all her slaves and toys for her own amusement.  Vicky knew she must control herself and tried not to look as she came close to where Madame sat in the sunshine.

Madame whispered to her pony-toy and the girl rose, her face pink from the restricted breathing between Madame’s legs.  The girl walked to the van and climbed inside and started to take something out of a box at the side of the floor.  Vicky came and stood next to Madame and they both looked at Slave Nano, then at the tree slave.  Both knew what the other was thinking, they turned their faces towards each other and laughed.

“Are you pleased Madame?” asked Vicky.

“Very pleased,” Madame paused.  “I’m very pleased with all this, it’s wonderful to have so many toys all providing my amusement, there is just one thing that is making me annoyed though.”

Vicky looked at Madame all the time she was saying this, she saw Madame’s expression change, rapidly as always, that narrowing of those blue eyes, the sideways cruel look that Vicky had come to dread seeing on her face.  Uh! Oh!  Now for it.  Does she know? No, she can’t, she’s been so jolly today, so kind to me, perhaps she knows I feel naughty and that’s all it is.  Vicky was uncertain now, but she had a feeling something unpleasant was about to happen to her.


“Thank you,” said Madame, taking the metal head cage from the pony-girl.  “Stand still Vicky and take your punishment.”

Madame fastened it with clasps on Vicky’s head, the weight was restrictive.  Now Madame and the girl together lifted Vicky’s flared pvc skirt, they both laughed.

“Just as I though,” she added to the girl, “fix it on tightly.”

Vicky felt the sticky pads of the portable T.E.N.S. machine, then the soft warm fingers of the girl.  She groaned, she felt such pleasure from the gentle stroking.  Madame played with the buttons, as Vicky got more and more excited, suddenly a sharp searing pain tore thru her.  Madame was delighted.

“Again,” she told the girl.

Once more the fingers did their work, then the magic was broken by the electric jolt.  Madame and toy laughed to see Vicky’s predicament.

“Tuck it into the back of her belt,” she ordered the girl.  “Vicky this picnic looks very tasty, but first we must provide some refreshment for the two slaves.  Fetch me the large glass jar, the drinking bowl, the length of plastic tube and the female catheter please.”

Vicky watched as Madame carried the jar into the bushes.  They all hear the unmistakeable sound of rushing water.  As Madame returned she gave the three-quarters full jar to the girl.

“Give my tree slave his picnic drink, it’s all he will receive from me today.”

Vicky climbed up and fixed the fag with the feeding tube in, then fixed it into the plastic pipe as the girl put the other end in the jar.

“any wastage will be measured, and every millimetre, yes millimetre, you will be given a very hard stroke of the cane  when you are allowed down from there, Madame told him sternly.  “Now for Nano, then we can begin the feast.”

Placing the bowl within Nano’s reach for lapping up, she fitted a catheter into the girl’s sweetie.  The girl gasped as the plastic probed up inside, but Madame knew it would extract all the pony’s fluids into the bowl thru its long tube and she laughed as the golden liquid filled it.  The pony toy stared at it, she was humiliated, but nothing was going to stop her Mistress having her fund today, so she kept quiet and wriggled at the strange feelings in her sweetie.

Vicky watched and wished that Madame has asked her to fit it in there.  The T.E.N.S. still tingles, and now she had to serve the food and drink to Madame and her girl-toy and watch the tube filling Nano’s bowl while he drank.  I want to play whispered a voice in Vicky’s head!


Madame was enjoying herself.  The sun was shining, a beautiful day to play.  She looked around her toys as she ate.  Nano supporting her table, the tree creature drinking her fluids, Vicky holding a tray for the girl to eat and drink from, after all she couldn’t sit down, the catheter was still fitted.  But now, as Madame stood up once more, the relaxed atmosphere was broken.  Orders were given.  Nano and the tree creature were put back in their cages in the van, gagged and blindfolded and the doors locked on them.  Madame watched and time for the real amusement of the day to being.


Once more the procession was going round the clearing in the hidden woods, but this time there was a cruel purpose for it.  Madame was searching.  The silver spurs she had fitted to her ankle boots twinkled as she dug them into Vicky’s thighs.  Vicky had carried Madame round twice now and her hands and knees were getting tired.

“Faster my toy,” urged Madame’s voice above here.

She could feel Madame’s warmth on her back, the feel of her bottom as it moved and it excited Vicky, as did the sight of the girl toy’s legs and hoofs prancing in front of her face.  Vicky knew Madame had hold of the reins and a vibrator had been fitted in the girl’s sweetie when the catheter came out.  She could hear the girl’s little moans of pleasure as she led the procession for Madame’s pleasure and amusement.

“Stop,” Madame ordered, “this one looks just right for my purpose.

She stood up and climbed over Vicky’s back, “Up my toy,” Madame said.

As Vicky stood she saw a thick tree branch two feet above her head.

“Now time for fun,” laughed Madame.

She took a chain and padlock out of her bag, also some large plastic bags, asking the girl to hold Vicky still.  Madame threw the chain over the branch and fastened Vicky’s head cage up to it.  She then took two handcuffs out of the bag and two long red ropes.  She put them on the pony’s wrists and pulled the ropes over another tree branch about four to 5 feet away from Vicky.  Now, as Madame pulled the ropes up and down the pony-puppet was lifted up and swayed about on her high hoofs, her dress was very tight at the top.  Vicky watched and ached to touch her, there seemed to be two of the black polka-dots right where her nipples would be.  Vicky was mesmerised by the sight of the pvc, so shiny, and Madame’s pin striped coat was so tight and slithered as she moved, that Vicky knew she was soon going to be punished for being naughty.  Yes, Madame now took a vibrating butt plug from her red bag, she lifted Vick’s black skirt and bustle and slid the butt plug into Vicky with a little bit of cream for an easy glide.  Now Madame turned the T.E.N.S. off and stood back.  Then she laughed, that delightful mocking laugh that mean amusement at her toy’s discomfort.

“Look ay my pony, Vicky,” purred Madame, going to the girl and stroking her, her dress, her face, even up her skirt.

She lifted the white pvc and exposed the pvc knickers.  Madame’s fingers stroked and her eyes glinted at Vicky cruelly.

“Yes Vicky, you can struggle but you can’t touch her can you?  Look Vicky, look at her sweetie.”

Madame pulled the crotch of her knickers into the groove so the sweetie lips were either side of the pvc line.

“Wouldn’t you love to touch, to feel the warmth of the soft hairs?” Madame gloated as she came over to Vicky, provocatively holding her fingers out for Vicky to smell.

“Feel my coat Vicky.”

Vicky was losing control the fingers came closer to her face, her hand was reaching, reaching for Madame’s pvc clad body.  Madame laughed as Vicky’s head cage stopped her moving any closer.

“Oh!  Please,” Madame was an inch away.  “I’ve got to, please Madame, please can I?”  Vicky begged.

Madame swayed towards her, then back, then towards her, then back.  The pony girl watched Madame playing and she too laughed at Vicky’s frustration.

Now Madame unfastened the girl, she pulled her quite close to where Vicky was fastened up, then she picked up two large plastic bags.  She fitted one over her pony and the other over herself, then she held out her hands underneath to the girl.  Thru the bags they looked at each other, then they kissed, they danced together, circling slowly before Vicky.  Vicky was so excited, she needed to play, but she had to watch, to see this tormenting scene in front of her.

Madame turned Vicky’s butt plug up higher.  Vicky gave a cry, the fast vibrations were driving her wild.  Thru their plastic bags they looked at Vicky their faces close to hers now.  They stroked Vicky’s face thru the plastic, they, they put Vicky’s hands on to them so she could feel their warmth and softness thru it.  Now Madame turned the girl back to Vicky and pushed her into Vicky.  The girl wriggled there, Vicky moaned and groaned, she had to come, she had to, she had to play.  Oh God!  The girl felt so good, she pressed into Vicky, her skirt stuck to the bag.  Vicky looked at Madame, she looked really amused to see her toys teasing each other and tormenting themselves!

But Madame wasn’t finished with her amusement yet.  Taking hold of the girl, she laid her on the grass, then she unfolded another plastic bag and pulled it up over her legs to her waist.  The girl looked so vulnerable and doll like just laid their, her hair all around her.  She lay perfectly still now, the bags enveloping her, keeping her safe and clean.

“Look at my dolly Vicky.”

“Yes Madame, she looks beautiful,” whispered Vicky.

“Do you want to play with her Vicky?” Madame teased.

“Oh God!” answered Vicky as Madame knelt on the grass and started stroking the doll-like figure.

“How would you play with my doll Vicky, if I let you loose, like this,” stroking her face, “like this,” pulling her legs apart, “like this,” running a gloved hand up thru the bag and under the doll’s skirt.

Vicky was wet, she knew her black see thru knickers were soaking, but still Madame wouldn’t let her play.

But now, as Vicky was nearing the end of endurance of this sensual torture, Madame turned it up another notch.

Madame unfolded another plastic bag and pushed it inside Vick’s head cage, over her head and down her neck.  She then went to the girl and lifted the bag up and her skirt, she took hold of the vibrator that had been buzzing in the doll’s sweetie to give her pleasure and, bringing it over to Vicky, she pushed it into Vicky’s head bag.  Then she fastened the bag round Vicky’s neck with a red sparkly collar quite tightly.  Now she stood back and watched her toy.  She pulled the girl to her feet and then stood in front of Vicky, in their plastic bags.  Vicky begged to play.  Vicky needed to play.  She needed relief.

Madame tormented her, “smell Vicky, smell my pony toy’s odours.  It’s all sticky, look at it , it’s sticking to your breathing bag.”

Madame laughed and laughed as Vicky furiously rubbed herself, the vibrator touching her nose, she could see the glistening tip of it, smell the girl toy’s juices.  The air in the head bag was full of sex odour from the girl’s sweetie.  Vicky struggled to breath.  Madame and the girl came close to see Vicky’s struggling face as she hung from the tree branch by the cage.

“The pink vibrator, oh the pink vibrator, it had a sweetie hair on it.  Oh! Oh!”

Vicky was floating, she couldn’t breath, the odour filled her head, as pure exquisite pleasure shot thru her over and again.  She thrashed about wildly, felt Madame and the girl’s hands on her, undoing the chain.  Vicky sank down, the bag was ripped open and off as a thousand ecstasies rippled thru Vicky’s body.  She felt the cage gently lifted, then as she lay on the cool grass, oblivion.

“Vicky, Vicky.  Are you alright?”

Vicky heard Madame far away.  Had it been a wonderful dream?;  the picnic, the procession, the feast and the pony girl?  She opened her eyes slowly and looked up.  Bars?  Cage bars around her.  So it had been a dream after all.  It was very dim and Madame’s voice floated thru the air.

“Yes Vicky, that’s right you are in a cage, and in this cage you will stay until you learn to be a loyal toy to me.”

So it had been a dream after all.  Vicky felt disappointed and cheated somehow, it had been so real, so good.

Madame’s voice continued, “the next time those bitches call you they will hear my voice on you answer phone telling them who you belong to, where you are, and where you have been all afternoon.  I shall also inform them that I now have in my possession one of their toy girls, kidnapped from them by two of my loyal slaves last week.  She is now under my protection and has vowed never to return to Madame Natasha and Mistress Miranda after the way they cruelly used her in their new slave girl brothel.  They kept her a prisoner and used her in every way for their perverted amusements with themselves and all their slaves and clients.

“So, my toy, it seems I’ve also rescued you from their evil clutches this morning but, you Vicky, are you going to suffer for your wilful disloyalty to me again.”

A low light was switched on from outside and Vicky saw she was in Madame’s grey cell, curled up on a cage, with manacles fitted and padlocked on chains to the sides.  She looked down, there was grass on her boots and her knees were grass stained and dirty.  Had it been real?

The cell door opened and a girl trotted in, her hoofs clipped on the floor, her red short skirt held up by a white petticoat, a red and white plume in her harness.

Madame’s voice came again, “Yes, this is Kim, she has come to bring you some refreshment.”

On a tray in the girl’s hands was a silver bowl on its side was printed ‘Vicky’s!’