Slave’s Cottage Adventure by Slave Nano


Dungeon Mistress Adventures



This is an illustrated extract from an account of one of my out of dungeon adventures.  It has been published in ‘Dungeon Mistress Adventures’ by Slave Nano (House of Erotica, 2011) with other stories.  You can find out more about the book and where to buy it on Slave Nano’s website.






Two slaves - one in bondage in the bedroom

Two slaves – one in bondage in the bedroom

Two slaves - the other hog-tied in front of the hearth

Two slaves – the other hog-tied in front of the hearth

Vicky pulls up a chair and Mistress orders me to sit down.  Another chair is placed opposite me.  I’m still dressed as a black shadow, the black lycra body suit stretched tightly over my naked body, a black hood over my head, the clamps, still pressing tightly on my nipples, hidden underneath the suit.

the cottage 090 (766x1024)Mistress and Vicky are sorting out ropes whilst I wait expectantly.  Mistress soon gets to work.  Her skilled fingers manipulate the ropes and put them tightly across my body and against the chair.  On one occasion she unties a knot and re-traces her steps so that she can get the knot in exactly the place she wants it. She is an artist, I think, as I patiently sit being put into bondage.  I watch the skilled rope-work and see the elaborate pattern of ropes and knots emerge against my black shadow of a body.  Eventually Mistress is satisfied that my restraint is complete and stands back to admire her work.

“There we are Nano, now you cannot move,” she whispers in my ear as she leans over me. “Now you belong to me.”

“Mistress, I’m completely in your control. You can do anything with me,” I whisper back, breathless in my desire to serve her.

As a final touch Mistress puts a white mask over my black lycra hood completing my transition from slave to object.  Although I am unable to see what I look like I still feel how I have been stripped of my identity and transformed into Mistress’s play-thing.

I’m conscious that it is crucial I don’t draw attention to myself to the other slave who I know is upstairs, bound and waiting to join this scene.

My head is reeling with the tightness of the ropes, the pain of the nipple clamps and the proximity of Mistress’s pvc clad presence by my side.  I am blindfolded before they both go out of the room, leaving me alone with dark thoughts about where this play will lead swimming around in my head.

Soon I hear movement at the door and another figure being ushered into the room and into the chair facing mine.  I chuckle inwardly to myself.  He has no idea. No idea that he’s not alone, no idea that Mistress has invited me here.

I sit still and silent.  I recognise that Mistress’s ingenious play is based around Slave Peter not knowing there is somebody else in the cottage. I try to control every breath, every movement, to do nothing that will make him aware of my presence in the room.  I can hear Mistress and Vicky working quietly with the ropes, preparing the other slave in readiness for the moment when I will be exposed to him for the first time.

the cottage 096 (1024x766)I soon sense that they have finished their work.  The scene has been created, the room full of expectation as the two helpless slaves are about to be revealed to one another.  Vicky lifts up my blindfold as, at the same time, Mistress removes Slave Peter’s.

We’re facing one another; two seated and bound mirror images of each other.  White ropes against black body suits, an identical pattern of lines and knots restraining us both in a position of helplessness.  We’re masked twins reflecting one another, our faces stripped away and replaced by anonymous white masks representing how Mistress has turned us into iconic figures co-joined in complete servitude.  Looking across at Slave Peter I can see how I must look myself.  It is as if we’re two reflected images with an invisible mirror between us.  I can see how complete and final the transformation is, how Mistress has moulded us both into what she wants us to be, the white masks symbolising the surrender of all control into her hands.

Whilst soaking in the scene I’ve also been looking across to my slave doppelganger to see his reaction.  Shock and surprise, a quick glance to one side to see Mistress Nemesis and then to the other to see Vicky until the realisation that he’s not alone, that another slave has been smuggled into his cottage, dawns on him and that the possibilities for Mistress’s inventive play have been doubled.

“Look at them Vicky, two ‘mangas’, two identical characters in a black and white cartoon,” Mistress Nemesis announces, admiring her handiwork.

“Yes, Madam, they look magnificent,” Vicky replied.

There we sit, reduced to black and white cartoon representations of real people.  We’re stripped of our identity and left only with the one that Mistress Nemesis has created for us.  We’re two characters in her fetish fantasy world, a comic strip containing slave twins, Vicky and Mistress herself, the creator and artist manipulating the characters to her will, to amuse and bring pleasure to herself.

the cottage 100 (766x1024)Satisfied with the scenario she has created now it is time for her to have fun, now for the torture to begin.  She starts with me. She squeezes the nipple clamps hidden beneath the lycra suit.  My nipples, already throbbing and sore from the time they have already been attached to me, feel a surge of pain through them.  My body jerks with a spasm of pain and a I grip tightly onto the arms of the chair to try and control the agony coursing from the tender nerves of my nipples to my head. Mistress is unaffected by my plight, it only incites her to squeeze more tightly and induce more gut wrenching pain from her slave.  She laughs and points this out to the other slave.

“See how he is suffering for me.  Look how he grips onto the arms of the chair.”

Slave Peter must know that it will be his turn soon.  Mistress attaches some nipple clamps to him through his black suit.  Then she administers the same punishment to him so there are now two slaves with raw and tortured nipples for her to play with.

Then Mistress produces not one, but two TENS units, two little packs of electrical fun to torment two helpless slaves; a double treat for a wicked dungeon mistress.  The wired pads are attached, one to my balls, another to my cock.  She turns the current gradually up and the sensation turns from a throbbing to a needle sharp pain running through my cock and balls.  Mistress is enjoying this, I can tell.  My ‘manga’ double has the same torment inflicted on him.  This time I watch him twist and squirm in pain, just as he was watching me just minutes ago.  Mistress is revelling in this. Two identical slaves being made to watch each other being tortured, what pleasure for her, what ingenious torment for her to witness and enjoy.  Then she has another inspired idea to take the play to another level.

the cottage 099 (1024x766)“Vicky, let’s wire them both up to the same unit and punish them both at the same time and see which one of them can endure the most,” she laughs.

One unit is set up in this way, with one set of wires running to the pads on my cock and balls and another set of wires to Slave Peter’s.  Mistress presses the buttons to increase the current to our genitals.  I gasp in agony and grip onto the arms of the chair again.  There is hardly a flicker from Slave Peter; either his levels of endurance are greater than mine or I’m the one getting the greater force of the current for some reason.  I don’t know why; all I know is that I can feel the sharp needle like pain penetrate my balls making me jump and squirm in agony.  Mistress and Vicky are enjoying the show.

“Vicky, I’ve a brilliant idea. Let’s have the two ‘mangas’ punish each other.”

This is a flash of inspiration from Mistress. I don’t think it is planned but she is having such fun that this subtle devious little twist to her game suddenly comes to her.  Mistress and Vicky manipulate the wires.  Mistress places the little plastic covered control unit in my hand and shows me what to press.

“Nano, it starts from 0 and goes up to 8, just press this button,” she explains showing me what to do.  “Let’s have a little game and see which slave gives in first.”

the cottage 102 (1024x766)Slave Peter has a unit too.  I feel pain but nothing like the intensity of my earlier torture at the hands of Mistress.  Maybe Slave Peter is showing some sympathy for a fellow slave or perhaps I’m just lucky and the current is not getting through to the same level.  I press the button from 0 to 1, which has little effect on my slave twin.  Then I press the button from 1 to 2.  This time I can see Slave Peter visibly squirming in his ropes on the other chair.  Then I press the button from 2 to 3.  This has an immediate impact.  He grunts in pain and his body convulses against the tightness of the ropes.  I can see he is in real distress and pull the intensity down again and then back up, but never needing to go beyond 3.  I don’t want to spoil Mistress’s game by going too far, just far enough for her to see him squirm in pain.

Mistress and Vicky are getting great enjoyment of this little game.  Mistress is laughing her head off.  I keep pressing the switch from 0 to 3 and back down.  I’m feeling some pain in my balls but nothing like the intensity that I seem to be able to inflict on poor Slave Peter.  After a while he drops his control to the floor as if in surrender to say that he has had enough of the game and, seeing this, I turn my control back down to zero.

“That’s brilliant Vicky, two slave ‘mangas’ torturing one another.”

the cottage 098 (1024x766)