The Awakening of Kim

Awakening of KimThe Awakening of Kim is a new book by one of my slaves that puts Mistress 1,000 years into the future!

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Story blurb

Dr Sally Nemesis, brilliant scientist and the galaxy’s expert on the neurology of sexual behaviour is embarking on a daring experiment.  Presented with a girl perfectly preserved in molten rock over one thousand years ago and found in bizarre circumstances, she sets about trying to bring her to life.  But her methods are somewhat unconventional and when she finds the girl served in a mistress’s dungeon she sets about invoking the girl’s memories from the past.  Will she succeed in her bold challenge.

Story extract

Victor, Douglas and Parp were waiting in the lab for Dr Nemesis’s arrival.  She was usually punctual, so this was unusual.  Victor worried that the stress of the project was taking its toll on her or that 2004-01-01 madame looking very good in short pvc skirt - CopyDr Nemesis had began to get too emotionally involved in Kim’s fate.  He needn’t have worried.When the opening in the plastic pod in the lab was unzipped they turned towards it and Victor and Douglas’s jaws dropped.  Gone was the white decontamination suit and helmet, the white lab coat and swept back hair and the smart tailored black suits she wore for business meetings.  She stood before them, the mirror image of the figure they had all seen on the monitors the day before.  She looked magnificent and incredibly sexy, thought Victor, in a black pvc cat-suit and high heeled ankle boots with silver buckles.  Her jet black hair was hanging down loose over her shoulders.  Thick black eye-liner and blue eye-shadow highlighted those piercing eyes and her luscious lips were ruby red with bright lip-stick.

Douglas’s eyes were popping out.  Victor could see the trace of his erection against the white material of his decontamination suit.  Victor could feel the hardness swelling up in his own cock.  How embarrassing.  He hoped Dr Nemesis hadn’t noticed.  She even had an effect on Parp, whose ten purple tentacles were floating around excitedly in the air.

Dr Nemesis had returned to the lab with renewed energy and determination.

“I’ve decided on a new strategy,” she announced.  “Recent events,” she said staring meaningfully at the sheepish Dr Deviant, “have demonstrated to me that a more tactile approach might be more effective in Kim’s case.  I’m suggesting a two-pronged approach; a combination of Nano Mk XXV’s cognitive recognition software and an attempt to recreate the world that Kim inhabited.”

They were all speechless until, eventually, Victor blurted out, “Yes, of course Madame, anything you say Madame.”

“Last night I did some more research into the images that triggered the response in Kim and I also went into the stores to look at some of the artefacts recovered from the site.  I have a theory,” she continued, “I don’t believe Kim was a prisoner.  I think she was there of her own free will and that she willingly gave herself up to some of these strange rituals and procedures.”

“So, you mean you are going to carry some of them out on her?” asked Douglas.

“Yes, exactly.  I intend to link myself up to Nano Mk XXV so I can read the experiences being relayed to Kim and manipulate them.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?” asked Victor, concerned for Dr Nemesis’s safety.

“It’s risky, yes, but I’m only going to work with the limited set of images.  I think I can handle that.”

Victor and Douglas prepared Dr Nemesis.  They took her back to the medical theatre to insert one discreet probe into the back of her head so that she could be linked up with the Nano Mk XXV computer and the cognitive recognition software.  Dr Nemesis also told them to remove the titanium probes from Kim’s body that were monitoring muscle spasms and unlock and remove the shiny metallic bands from her wrists, ankle and mid-riff that had kept her secured to the examination bench.

 “Remember, I’m trying to replicate the world Kim came from, so my behaviour might appear strange at times.  Right let’s get to work,” said Dr Nemesis pulling a white mask, in the same style as the one seen in the images, over her face.

“You look perfect Madame,” said Victor, “the resemblance is uncanny.”

“Yes, I know Victor. I’m aware the similarity between me and the images taken from the cognitive recognition software is strange.  It rather spooked me out when I saw them yesterday.  But that can’t be a mere coincidence; it must be the case for some purpose.  That’s why I went back into the lab last night.  I was already reflecting on this course of action and the impact of Dr Deviant’s perverted intervention only confirmed to me we should approach Kim in this way.  I’m convinced we are close to something.”

Dr Nemesis had brought some basic equipment with her.  What had been recovered from the archaeological site was in too great a state of deterioration to be of any practical use.  Dr Nemesis had explained she was a bit late because she was gathering some of the tools she would need for her new experiment and Victor wondered how she had found these things at such short notice.

She started with several lengths of black rope which, when they were tied around her body, looked stunning against Kim’s white flesh and the silver of the titanium examination bench. Victor and Douglas looked on in awed amazement as Dr Nemesis manipulated the ropes with such dexterity drawing them under the table and then pulling them tightly over Kim’s body into a neat row of knots that tied Kim down.  Victor speculated when and where she had learnt to do such skilful rope bondage.

She planted a sensuous kiss on Kim, leaving a red lip-stick mark on her cheek.

“You belong to me now. You’re not a subject in a laboratory any more, but a flesh and blood woman aching to surrender yourself to me.  I know you are in there somewhere.  Delve deep back into your memory; go back two thousand years to the world you belonged to.  I know what your needs are. I know what your inner desires are.  You want to submit to me, just as you surrendered yourself up to others many centuries ago.  Let me in and I will awaken your passions again.”

Dr Nemesis ran her red painted fingernails across Kim’s breasts, took one nipple between her fingers and squeezed, gently at first and then tightly.  She dug a sharp long fingernail into the tip of her nipple and then leant over and took the nipple into her mouth and sunk her teeth into it.

Beep…Beep….Beep….Beep…..Beep….Beep…..Beep….Beep. ..Beep….

Victor and Douglas gazed on, awe-struck and aroused.  Whatever techniques Dr Nemesis was using, wherever she had learnt them, they were certainly having the desired effect.

Dr Nemesis removed her mouth.  Victor could see the marks where her teeth had bitten into Kim’s nipples; sharp little indentations that had almost broken the skin.  Victor winced.  Perhaps it was lucky Kim couldn’t feel anything because that would have hurt badly.

Dr Nemesis whispered into Kim’s ear in a calm but commanding tone.

“You know you want to surrender to me.  Let go and give your body up to me.  I know you desire this pain.  I know what you are – slave girl. Slave Girl Kim.  My precious little submissive girl.  I’ll punish you and I’ll look after you, if you just give yourself up to me.”

Dr Nemesis now had a leather flogger in her hand.  She started flogging Kim’s delicate white flesh with it, pale from having been hidden away for so many centuries.  She began across her thighs, then on her stomach, working towards her breasts and her already tender nipples.  She started gently, little laps of the soft leather against her body but gradually increasing the intensity until there were bright red weal marks across Kim’s breasts.

2004-01-01 96334.600[1]Dr Nemesis produced a candle, an old fashioned wax candle, the kind of which Victor had only scene in ancient books.  At her gesture the lights were dimmed and the lab was plunged into darkness save for the flickering flame being held above Kim’s body.  The soft light illuminated her in an orange hue.  The whole environment of the lab was transformed from a gleaming place of shiny metal surfaces into a dim dungeon atmosphere.  They were plunged into darkness and this also had the effect of forcing everybody in the room to focus entirely on Kim and Dr Nemesis carrying out her bizarre experiment.  Even stranger was that, as the strength of candle light grew, it reflected off Parp’s jelly-fish like form to shed a spooky purple glow across the whole lab. 

Dr Nemesis held the candle over her breasts and tipped it gently to one side sending droplets of hot wax onto her tender nipples.  Somewhere deep in her closed down body Kim could feel the shock of the intense sensation and then the sensuous heat as it penetrated through her. She should have flinched and gasped with the erotic intensity of the burning heat but she couldn’t.  Dr Nemesis continued drizzling the hot wax across her mid-riff and then onto the fleshy mound of her sex. 

Beep…Beep….Beep….Beep…..Beep….Beep…..Beep….Beep. ..Beep….

The monitoring equipment detected a jump in the level of her neural response though there was still no physical reaction from her prostrate body.

Dr Nemesis produced some more objects.  Victor recognised them.  He had excavated some of these at various sites; they were known as clothes pegs and were used centuries ago in the process of washing and drying clothes.  They were quaint little objects, plastic pegs sprung with a metal spring.  Victor was astonished at the use to which they were being put and it struck him how the simplest of objects could be used to such agonising effect.

Dr Nemesis closed a few of the little pegs onto Kim’s breasts pinching her soft breasts into tight little mounds of flesh.  She rolled her nipples between her fingers to make her nipples stand on end before clamping a peg onto the end of them.  She turned her attention to Kim’s cunt now and purposefully arranged a line of pegs on her labia lips. 

Poor Kim, thought Victor, if somewhere in her mind she could feel this she must be suffering.  For a fleeting moment he wondered if Dr Nemesis knew what she was doing but soon put that thought to one side as the monitors flickered and the pace of the gentle beep of equipment in the background quickened.  However unorthodox her methods they appeared to be working and Victor was surprised that his trust in her had wavered even for a moment. 

            Dr Nemesis now produced a leather whip.  She tightened her hand around the handle and flicked the pegs on Kim’s breasts with a rapid motion of the leather flails.  One of them flew off and was sent scuttling across the laboratory floor.  She repeated the exercise, skilfully wielding the whip to sadistic effect until all of the plastic pegs had been flicked off of Kim’s body leaving marks of reddened skin where they had been.

            Dr Nemesis leant over the naked Kim, her cleavage bursting out of the pvc cat-suit as she towered over her in a vision of erotic dominance.  Victor and Douglas looked on awe-struck.  She lifted Kim’s head up in her hands, stroked her blonde waves and affectionately brushed her cheek with her finger.  Her eyes stared through the white mask into Kim’s as if she was trying to penetrate into her mind, beckoning her to return.

“I know you want this Kim.  I know you need it. I know I can release you from your mental prison if you embrace the pain…..and the pleasure.  That’s the power I have over you.”


Victor looked across through the penetrating purple gloom to Douglas and they exchanged an astonished glance.  Even though he knew Dr Nemesis was the galaxy’s expert in the neurology of sexuality Victor had never imagined his research would take him into areas like this.