Vicky’s Left in Charge by Mistress Nemesis

Vicky's Left in Charge


Madame and Vicky descended the winding oak staircase.  Vicky held up Madame’s black lace train behind her and felt full of trepidation at what lay in front of her at Madame’s hands. Oh! Oh!  They were shown into a large ballroom that extended the full length of the back of the house.  Vicky had never seen anything like the scene that met her eyes as she followed Madame in, still holding up her train for her.  A doll looking Goth girl came up to Madame and stood at the side of her and, as they chatted, Vicky looked around.

The walls of this room were painted stark bright white. There was a high ceiling covered in carvings and long gold and crystal chandeliers hung suspended above the black and white tiled floor.  The windows, all seven of them, were draped with black velvet with silver embellishments hanging as tassels at the side.  There was a large dark oak table against one wall, and at the far end was a small black painted stage upon which urns of white lilies gave off a sick perfume.  There were tall black metal candlesticks also, and three antique chairs, their seats covered in black velvet.  Around the room were also groups of black leather chairs pushed up to the walls and glass topped tables between them, also with black candlesticks on with white candles, just waiting to be lit.

Dark, deep Goth music played in the background and altogether it was mesmerizing for Vicky.  It was a room totally devoid of colour and without these colourful party people here, it must be a room devoid of life, just waiting, listening, expectant.  Then Vicky saw Nano and held her breath as she realized what he was.  There he stood on the floor at the side of the stage, he had been fastened onto a standing pole made of black metal. His feet were fixed onto the base with clamps.  His body had been wound round with pvc bondage tape onto the pole, his face had been painted black and fitted on top of his head was a black metal plate holding a large white candle.  Yes, Nano had been turned into a human candlestick, and wait, Vicky looked between the moving people, there was another poor slave at the other side of them.

First Vicky had been turned into an animated doll, now Nano into a candlestick, in front of all these strange people, who hadn’t a clue what they both looked like or who they were.  That thought was very exciting for Vicky and she felt like being naughty.  She felt even naughtier as she looked and peered around this amazing room.  Some of the women were so beautifully dressed.  A tall willowy blonde girl with a short dress made of see thru black chiffon stood with two other girls dressed in white latex cat-suits and hoods, their calf-boots and lace up gloves were made of black pvc and they looked like part of the room.

So many Goth girls, their dark drapes and heavy made up faces moved before Vicky’s gaze. Then the Magenta woman was coming towards them and leading Madame through the crowds, introducing her to various people there.  Most were dressed as Victorian Goths, the men with long hair or wigs with curls or bows in the back, long velvet coats, frilled shirts, all made-up and looking like they belonged in Whitby on a dark moonless night.  Some had leather outfits on, very master-looking, with shaven heads and tattoos, very nasty piercings bristled from their faces, and perhaps in other places that Vicky didn’t want to think about!!

There were four Goth doll girls looking just like the pics Vicky printed out for Madame, all kitten faces, with ribbons in their hair, lace mittens on their hands and short black sticky-out skirts.  All wore black lace tops, they had ankle boots on and coloured streaks in their hair.  The small one wearing pink and black striped stockings saw Vicky watching so she deliberately took hold of the one with red hair and, holding her face, she stuck her tongue out and into the other girl’s mouth.  When they had finished kissing she poked her tongue out at Vicky, and Vicky saw she had a large piercing in it, in the shape of a penis.  Vicky was shocked, they’d looked like such good girlies and there they were being naughty toys with each other.

All of a sudden a large commanding woman came thru the door into the ballroom and the room went quiet.  She strode across the floor, her black velvet cloak swooping behind.  It was lined with red satin and gave her almost a demonic look.  The four inch heels of her black leather laced-up thigh boots clicked across the tiles and Vicky could see she had a voluptuous figure.  She was clad in a very tight black corset and stockings, she had smooth shiny black hair, slightly wavy, and bright red lipstick and black eyeliner painted her large flashing eyes.  She looked very much like Nigella Lawson, the famous cook, and Vicky smiled to herself.  No doubt this marvelous figure of a woman was here to practice a very different art to the preparation of food!

The woman was followed by two girls.  Vicky couldn’t believe her eyes.  She thought she had gone to fetish heaven.  For there, following their Mistress were two plastic covered dolly girls.  They both had long straight black hair, black eyeliner and red lipstick, like their Mistress, but there the resemblance ended.  These two wore shiny see thru clear plastic dresses with sticking out skirts.  They had see-thru plastic underskirts edged with red ribbon to hold their skirts out. Red see thru plastic thongs covered their sweeties and red plastic pasties covered their nipples.  They wore red hold-up stockings and see-thru pvc ankle boots.

Vicky could feel an erection starting, and Oh! No! It hurt.  Just then, Madame turned round and guessing Vicky’s thoughts she laughed at Vicky’s torment!  The three climbed onto the stage and the woman sat in the middle chair, her booted legs crossed and her cloak flowing around her.  The girls had been carrying trays made from red plastic, one with a glass and a jug of punch, and the other tasty treats such as strawberries and grapes, chocolate and little pieces of cake.  Madame and the Magenta lady stopped talking and Vicky noticed that all the people were moving to the chairs to sit down, or stand against the walls in groups.  There must be about fifty people here she thought, just enough.

Slave waiters, dressed in just black latex thongs and dickey bows came round serving trays of drinks and serving girls, five of them all with auburn hair and dressed in tight short black latex dresses with aprons on, came round with trays and plates of delicious finger foods.  Madame turned to Vicky after she had eaten.

“Now for the entertainment I promised,” she smiled.

Madame and Magenta went out into the hallway and there stood a tall glass case on wheels.  Madame, who looked cruelly beautiful in her purple, turquoise and black clothes, turned to Magenta.  She was also a very beautiful woman, her long black curly hair draped down her shoulders and over the ruby red and black Goth gown.

“This is where Vicky gets turned into a doll in a box, Magenta.  As I’ve noticed she’s getting into an excited state, she needs to be kept clean and tidy.”

Both of the gothic Mistresses laughed as they fixed Vicky into the box.  There was a thin chain attached to the back to fix around her waist, then they padlocked the door.  As Vicky was being wheeled back into the ballroom she looked behind her.  There, being wheeled in as well in separate glass cases, were the other two female dolls that had been transformed upstairs with Vicky.  The slaves that were wheeling these two were told to put them over near the stage to the side of the human candles.  Vicky was wheeled to stand next to the large wooden table across the room.  She could see now that the table was covered with instruments for all kinds of torture and punishment. The four Goth dolls, who had teased Vicky earlier, were sat at the other side of the table.  They looked at Vicky and laughed at her isolated predicament.

Now, the woman on the stage rang a bell and the ring-master walked into the centre of the room, all flashing whip and teeth, and bristling with testosterone!

“Let the entertainment commence,” he called.

The male slaves came running to light all the candles in the room.  Female slaves lit the human candles either side of the stage.  Vicky was amused to see Nano and the other one bulge with small erections under the black bondage tape.  The chandelier lights were turned off and the music changed to an urgent haunting beat.  Suddenly the atmosphere of the room had changed.  Vicky could feel the hidden excitement and the dark desires surfacing, the tension in the air, as what a few minutes ago had been a party of dressed-up people now was a deviant fetishist’s with pleasures of a decadent nature.  Vicky trembled.  Madame she thought, where are you and what have you got planned for me?

Madame was so enjoying herself.  She knew she looked brilliant and the champagne was bubbling in her head, making her exhibitionist nature come out.  Madame had never met Lady Sofyre before.  Of course she had heard of her, through Magenta, but this was the first time she had been to one of her famous fetish parties and she was enthralled by it all.  Lady Sofyre waved her velvet gloved hand and three girls ran into the centre of the room.  They were followed by two male slaves carrying a large bath of bubbly water.  They fetched a table with soaps and towels on and a laid back open legged chair.

Two of the girls, who were dressed in tight green pvc nurses uniforms, undressed the other one.  She wore a short white frilly nightgown and white fish-nets socks.  She had ribbons in her hair in bunches and looked very sweet and girlie!

The nurses put her on the laid back chair with her legs open over the leg-rests, they strapped her down and fitted a breathing mask over her face.  Then, a male slave brought out a tray with razors and sweetie plugs on.  The girl was shaved and a large inflatable plug was fitted inside her.  The crowd cheered and clapped as it was pumped up. The girl was groaning and trying to kick so a vibrating butterfly was strapped to her sweetie with the other end inserted into her bottom.  Now she cried and squeaked.  Madame was very amused to see this and wished she had her as a toy in her dungeon!

Then the nurses put the girl in the bath and washed her clean of her juices.  After they had got her out, and creamed her all over after she’d been dried, they dressed her up in a very sluttish red and black clothes, a short red pvc tight skirt, black see thru top, black fishnets and red patent high heels.  Very tarty.  Lady Sofyre stood up and while the male slaves were clearing away the washing stuff and mopping the tiles, she held an auction for the girl’s sweetie!  As the tarty girl paraded around some of the crowd called out amounts and favours in return for the pleasure of owning her for a minute or two.  Then Madame stepped forward.

“Lady Sofyre, I can offer you entertainment in exchange for this slut,” she called.

Lady Sofyre beckoned Madame up onto the stage.  All eyes were upon the two beautiful women as they whispered and laughed together.

“That’s a wonderful plan, Madame Nemesis,” Lady Sofyre declared.

As Madame looked back across the tiled floor towards Vicky she laughed! Oh! Oh!

Madame led Vicky up the stairs into the pink and black dressing room.  She found some clothes from the pile on the glass table and made Vicky get undressed and put them on.  Now Madame turned Vicky to the mirror.  She was wearing exactly the same outfit as the tarty girl downstairs.  Oh No!  Madame picked up a latex face hood and a blonde bobbed wig like Vicky had on.  Then they went back down into the ballroom.  Now Madame pulled the face-hood and wig on to the slut girl and so suddenly Vicky and the tart were twins.

“Now it’s playtime Vicky,” she laughed.

She went to fetch the ring-master.  Into the room he came, and the bulge in his trousers was straining.  He loved sluts.  He would put them through their paces!

“Yes, they are yours to play with,” taunted Madame, “but you can only choose one of them to have your wicked pleasure with.  Which one is it to be?”

Madame laughed, cruelly amused as she sensed Vicky’s fear.  The ring-master had no qualms about performing in front of an audience.  He pinched both slut toys breasts and when they squirmed he whipped them.  He bent them over chairs so their red pvc skirts pulled tight and short and he rubbed himself on their arses.  He took their hands and made them stroke his crotch, then he made them lie on top of each other and play girlie games, kissing and fondling each other, while all the while he whipped them lightly and masturbated his enlarged cock over them to keep it hard.  He called for cuffs and ropes and, when a slave brought them, he dragged one up off the floor and fastened her, with the slaves help, over a table face down.

He thrust his penis into the slut and a cry came from her mouth as his hardness penetrated her.  Now the other one was dragged up from the floor and ordered to stand in front of him on the table and, as this one’s skirt was lifted up, Madame and the slave held her legs.  His face thrust into this one’s knickers.  Quick as a flash Madame’s fingers tore Vicky’s binding tape to one side and pushed Vicky’s bits into the ring-master’s searching mouth.  How he spluttered and gagged as Vicky thrust into his open lips.  How the crowd of Goths howled and whistled.  And Madame?  Well Madame was hysterical, as two slaves grabbed the ring-master’s head and kept pushing him back and forth.  His penis was still doing its dirty work on the girl, as he was finally able to pull away from Vicky,

“You bitch, you fucking dirty perverted bitch,” he roared at Madame as, spitting and cursing, he took a step towards her.

Madame was too quick for him, like a flash she picked up his discarded whip and as he was shouting “I’m the master of ceremonies here”, Madame let the whip fly.

“Are you?” Madame asked sarcastically, as he screamed at the bite of the leather.

She whipped him round the room until he was on his knees quivering, his coat torn to shreds on his back.

“Get up,” Madame ordered, “take your clothes off, yes all of them.”

As he stood there naked, Madame called for a collar and lead, and fixing them on him she led him crawling to the stage.  On the way she made him kiss Vicky’s bottom. Then as he was made to kneel in front of Lady Sofyre, Madame pushed an electric butt-plug into his hole and, as he was forced to lick and worship Lady Sofyre’s boots in front of the whole crowd, he knew he’d never be quite so confident again.  Madame was pleased.  She had had fun and excitement tonight.

Madame and Vicky watched the rest of the entertainment.  Madame sat on a chair and Vicky, now dressed as the latex doll again, stood at the side of her.  There was pony girl racing, there was a black pvc clothed stallion brought out and made to ride a pony girl who was dressed in a white latex suit with red polka dots on it and a red halter and feather in her harness.  She’d been tethered to a ring on the edge of the stage and she stamped her red hoofs and tossed her head when the stallion mounted her.  Vicky found this very good and wished she could join in and stroke the pony girl as she moaned and stamped and whinnied in pleasure.

A large flat bench was brought in, like Madame’s rack it was, and one of the male slaves was fastened down on it.  All the Goth’s crowded around as Lady Sofyre tortured him herself.  She used electrics on his balls and penis till he screamed for mercy.  She waxed his nipples using red candles, then she got her two plastic clothed girls to pierce his nipples with needles, one on each side, their red-painted fingernails drove them in his flesh so viciously.

Then Madame Sofyre asked all the women and girls if they would like to use him as a toilet and, as steps were brought, one by one fifteen of them lifted their skirts and perching over his upturned face gushed their golden juices over him.  The wee trickled over the rack and onto the floor tiles and the slave was drenched.  Just as a final humiliation for him a pretty transvestite Goth was brought forward by his girl-friend and he was made to climb over the slaves soaking face.  Madame laughed. Yes it was so good belonging to this world she thought, as the perverted one was forced to suck the lady-boy’s cock.  His black lacy Goth skirt draped over the slave as he thrust and his stocking-clad legs trembled in their buckled boots.  As he came down the slave’s throat he gave a loud cry!

Everyone said goodbye, fabulous party, as Madame, Vicky and Nano got back into Nano’s car.  Madame, like Cinderella, who been to the ball, was now out of finery and back into her cat-suit.  Vicky and Nano were also wearing the same clothes they had arrived in as they drove out the gates and turned for home.  Madame gave a large contented sigh.

“What a fabulous night,” she smiled.