Sessions photoIt may sound strange, but for me there is no such thing as a ‘typical session’.  I like to make each time with someone as individual, special and spontaneous as I can.  So you won’t be expected to lick my boots for time wasting minutes, so tedious; you won’t be given corporal punishment as standard, and you certainly won’t be treated as ‘naughty’.

What we will do is explore your fantasy or fetish and, using that as my framework, I will introduce new boundaries, subtle differences and even more ways of suffering for you to endure because, yes, you will suffer, be certain of that.  You may be suffering because the ropes are tight, you are helpless and the instruments of pain are being applied; you may be suffering because you are being tormented by soft fingers into a frenzy of tease and denial; you may be suffering because you are locked into a chastity device and forced to wear panties while I taunt you.

So many ways to have you at my mercy and I enjoy every single one of them….